Best Calgary Small Business Accounting Software: Evaluating Cloud ERP

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So How do you evaluate the best small business accounting software?

Picking toothpaste is easy. You review options based on a sleect list of criteria: taste, form factor, function or price. But Evaluating an ERP solution to replace your small business accounting systems? Not so easy. It can be a daunting task to research and select a completely revised platform for your Calgary business to use.

So many different products claim to offer such the same features that it gets very confusing trying to pick out the differences. Selecting a new solution is costly, so much scrutiny is given to the selection process and final choice. Stakes are huge. Picking the wrong paper toothpaste and you’ll have a chance to do better in a couple of weeks when they run out.

Pick the wrong ERP system, and your business will be messed up for years.

Watch this interview as Murray Quibell, local Calgary small business accounting software specialist, helps you understand the importance of picking an ERP solution for your business.

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