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  1. DAY 5🏡👊🏻

    Hope you enjoyed the video!

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    Also, if you’re looking for additional training, here you go!

  2. Appreciate you bro. I've been devouring courses and YouTube and your first few videos have more info than all of them

  3. Subscribed and very eager and have high hopes in this field thanks to you 🤝 will be having questions for you real soon

  4. Cold calling is a waste of time tbh. Cus you are callimg them out tbe blue, they arent excited to talk to you. While if you run ads, sellers are eager to talk to you bc they reached out to you

  5. Facebook ads is the best way to advertise your deals. Dont recommended the old way of spending thousands on signs or postcards

  6. Why would you ask to buy someone’s house if they’re renting though? If they’re renting, doesn’t that mean their house is in good condition? And wholesaling is about buying houses that are bad condition.

  7. @Alex Saenz what do you think about prop stream? I don't have a car to drive for dollars.

  8. I live in Kingston, Jamaica and am starting to get into wholesale real estate. A lot of the marketing tools are not available since we don't have those websites/companies that offer these services (No Zillow, No Craigslist, No DirectMail, No leadblast pro, no, not even a Any suggestions how to virtual wholesale without these tools?

  9. Alex don’t worry about making the videos “long” the more we can get the better!🙏 these videos have given me a different perspective that I needed. Great job brother 💪

  10. Loving the series so far, been following for a few years and now im finally 18 and ready to take action, ready to absorb all these 30 days get out there and make it happen

  11. Hey Alex, This is Michael in Chicago Il. I just wanted to know, how would you go about wholesaling houses in my market on a consistent bases ? Hit me up on your Facebook group.

  12. GREAT VIDEO what would you recommend if you have a some money but you dont have a lot of time ringless voicemail ?