BEST NEWS EVER! UNEMPLOYMENT UPDATE FPUC PUA & Unemployment Benefits Stimulus Unemployment Extension

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BEST NEWS EVER! UNEMPLOYMENT UPDATE FPUC PUA & Unemployment Benefits Stimulus Unemployment Extension

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It’s Thursday, which means it’s time to talk about the current state of the US economy and unemployment rates across America in this week’s jobs report from our pals at the Department of Labor.

For the 7th week in a row, this week’s jobs report displayed amazing news for the economy, as the actual unemployment figures were even lower than last week’s record breaking numbers, and exceeded the estimates of those economists at the DOW Jones

The weekly report showed that 406,000 Americans filed their first-time unemployment claims, which is significantly lower than the previous week’s 444,000 revised initial claims, and also lower than the 425,000 first time claims predicted by the economists.

PNC senior economist Bill Adams explained: “Many of the factors that sidelined workers earlier in the recovery are changing to contribute to fast job gains in the rest of 2021. The pandemic is coming under control in the U.S., assuaging health fears.”

Meanwhile, the great state of Nebraska just became the 24th state that is looking to end their extended enhanced unemployment benefits early, much to the dismay of millions of Americans still in need of these vital disaster relief funds.

Andrew Stettner from the Century Foundation explained: “The measures will slash jobless aid from 4 million people. That projection means that nearly one in four of all Americans receiving unemployment are poised to experience some reduction in their benefits.

He continued: “The real legal question is whether the DOL has the authority to force states to pay benefits or find a way to get them out themselves.”

Hopefully the DOL can force these states to pay out the extended enhanced unemployment benefits that they were already given instead of handing them back to the government.

Finally, leading economists are once again speaking out against the actions of these 24 states stopping unemployment funds before the current September deadline.

Jack Hoffman, from the Public Assets Institute explained that these funds have been a lifeline: “for people who suddenly lost their income. The checks provided enough so they could cover the actual cost of feeding and housing their families and meeting normal expenses.”

Daniel Silver, an economist at JPMorgan, stated: “It looks like politics, rather than economics, is driving decisions regarding the early ends to these programs.”

He continued: “Signs of labor market tightness when looking at unemployment rates, earnings growth, and participation rates don’t appear to be driving states to end these programs early.”

As always, I agree with the economists when it comes to stimulus bills and unemployment funds, as it makes sense to help out the Americans struggling the most with important disaster relief funds until we have fully recovered.

If you still haven’t applied for unemployment assistance, apply today and earn a cold one on Thirsty Thursday.

Simply check out your state’s PUA or UI website, show them your employment history and identifying documents, and fill out the application as genuinely as possible and to the best of your abilities.

For honestly and truthfully answering all their questions, you could receive a backdated unemployment check for over $20,000.

To all of the gig-workers, self employed, independent contractors, 1099 workers, even side hustlers, volunteers and freelancers, the PUA will help you get these amazing government disaster relief funds that you deserve.

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