Best Time Before Rally (Bitcoin Surging To $100k Double Bubble)

Around the Blockchain is your favorite Cryptocurrency show discussing Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, and the top altcoins. Our four crypto experts include Crypto Face, CryptoJebb, Ian Balina, and Ben Armstrong. Tune in for their insightful crypto analysis!

Today we are discussing how the institutions are trying to dominate Bitcoin in the future. Will they be able to? Also, we have seen some CRAZY Ethereum gas fees. We explore why that is. Finally, is Bitcoin in a double bubble? Basically, is the bull run over? Stay tuned to find out!

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Crypto Jebb:

Ian Balina:

Intro music by Gregario Franco. Song – Nacht

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  1. Cyber Tutorials

    Ian is the smartest one on this panel. His channel Tokenmetrics is MOSTLY correct in their price predictions because they use very nice technical analysis. Bitboy just makes wild predictions (said Bitcoin would hit $350K this year) and hopes some of them stick.

  2. Kevin Technics

    Ian Belina 😴😴😴

  3. The black guy's from Token Metrics????


  4. Dustin Christie

    crypto face is JB from grandmas boy #achievementunlocked

  5. Funny all we need is a dip and 99.9% of you weak people will start crying like little girls

  6. yong sun jang

    👍BTC 100K go go👍

  7. just sharing that BITBOY tried to get me to invest with him and suddenly, he ghosts me. WTF. i am simply here to call out POS shillers. accountability sucks dont it. bad juju my dude.

  8. The best of the goddam right guy

    Why are Karen’s putting the thumbs down

  9. Austin Hamilton

    I don't know where Ian has been.. BTC as a currency was never its intended use. It was created as a store a value thats battles the debacement of fiat. Using it as currency will never work based on its current technology. It's way too slow and will end up lagging way behind in terms of transaction speeds. Sure, it could be updated to be faster, but that wouldn't really be the best idea.

  10. Abhijit Bhattacharya

    Hope some one tells them about Solana. They will not shill Ada if they knew everything Ada promises already exist in solana

  11. Raymond Warner

    Crypto face is trying so hard to be bearish still 😂

  12. Yung Content

    FIRE SHOW FOR SURE!!!! CF you my boy BLUE!!!!

  13. ETH'S fees are as high as ever. Yesterday on USWAP, $60 after refusing to pay $110 to buy Reef via Coinbase. Ridiculous! So you have to beat the market and the fees, then possibly buy.


    what about triple bubble 👀

  15. when Ethereum goes proof of stake are the gas prices going to go way down similar to binance?

  16. I wants to see Ada and a real world Tess and see how will perform then you evaluate a coin

  17. I am 100% agree ada Way over value

  18. Safwaan Mujawar

    Cryptoface sucks🤣

  19. Emerson Harper

    "Everyone likes a double top" 🤣
    That gets a 👍🏼 from me

  20. Don Juan DeMarco

    Eth=expensive gas fees

  21. Don Juan DeMarco

    Ian afraid to say Ada

  22. Eleazar Becerra

    Ian Balina is the smartest dude on panel


    Thank goodness Deezy is back

  24. Adrian John-Chuan

    All these guys will make us educated, wealthy and ready for the future! Keep up the great work everyone!

  25. ORAI chain 🚀🚀🚀🚀

  26. Bogdan Dimitriu

    You should approach the fact that CNBC is on a FUD spree 2 days now. Most bearish news even from 3 months ago, they're posting them now to sprea FUD. Not just Cnbc scypto but the main page also. Go check it out.

  27. Great show.

  28. biliboc david

    Vet to 1$ 🚀🚀🚀

  29. Luke Hemmming

    Another fine edition of ATB. ATB is on my daily vid watch list along with the live stream. Shout out to CryptoJebb, CryptoFace (yeeeeeeeah boyeeeeeee), Big Bad Ben and of course the one, the only, the crayzee MC DeezyD.

    I just want to make a special mention to Ben. Ben thank you for all the years of your perseverance, your hard work and your dedication and faith in everything you bring to here. I follow you on all your social media platforms and you are at the top of my list for YouTube subscriptions because I watch so much of your content. Your conviction in everything you say about the whole crypto space demonstrates your passion and belief in the whole scheme of things. I especially enjoy how you rip into the secretive rigged financial/banking system and drag it out screaming and kicking into the light for all of us to see. Everything you say about the banking cartel is SPOT ON!

    I learnt a long time ago about how the banking cartel are the master puppeteers of our world. They control the leaders of countries, they control the ebb and flow of the monetary system, they control us by enslaving us with debt. They control and rig the markets to their advantage and gain. They control technologies, information and they stifle the human race's ability to transcend our collective consciousness into a better more loving race of intelligent beings. They play the game of divide and conquer. To create a toxic atmosphere that diverts our attention away from enlightenment and progression. They distract us in many different ways to prevent us from focusing on them and their devious agendas. But slowly and surely and with people like you Ben we are starting to see them for what they really stand for and its not for all of mankind's benefit. Money, unfortunately, does make the world go round!

    Crypto is a way out of this constant battle, to survive and thrive, in this world that we all encounter in our daily lives. Crypto is the pie that everyone wants a slice of.

    So thank you Ben for keeping it real. For telling it like it is. For standing up for the common people against the real terrorists of our world.

    By making these videos available for anyone to see you are opening up the eyes of the blind. Lifting the veil that has shrouded our vision for many decades. To provide a forum for ordinary people to educate themselves and to show them a way to financial freedom and life changing wealth.

    You are a true maverick.

    From me to you, my most heartfelt gratitude and appreciation Thank you Ben for all that you have done.


  30. Kishan Rauniyar

    Amp incoming breakout🚀

  31. Christer Foldnes

    Check out Audius & Chia Network

  32. Crypto Jebb, I love your content but you were so wrong 2 days ago, thinking BTC would go as low as 39/40 000 short term !!! Admit it …

  33. Bitboy need your help on this one,when i checked the charts on the previous bull runs they both ended around the 1st two weeks in december,do you really think the bull run will end in the 1st two weeks of october or are we going to hold on to are ankles and follow the charts to the end.thans mate

  34. 1st you say XRP Will reach $5 this month…..but …I don't think so

    Will u clear it….hellllloooo….!!!!!!

  35. Derek Lindesay

    Ethereum is still too expensive for most people to use. They'll have to sharply reduce gas fees in order to compete with other chains. BSC gets a lot of flak because of all the shitcoins and rugpulls on it but at least it's cheap enough for us little guys to use.

  36. Howard Balentine

    Thank you guys for a great show.

  37. That intro music is dope 🤙

  38. MDEX has been growing rapidly due to its advantages of fast speed and low Gas fees,since its official launch on January 19, 2021. How do you think ?#MDEX

  39. Bitboy, why have you never looked a Truebit ? Ethereum is involved in this project and VB has already said this is what eth will be using to scale!

  40. If most of us stop watching the maximalist bitcoin channels, I assure you that they immediately change their minds.

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