Biden's STIMULUS Instruction To Congress | Fourth Stimulus Check Update | State Delivered Stimulus

Will there be a fourth stimulus check? President Joe Biden instructed Congress to make the decision on a 4th stimulus check and whether to include a fourth stimulus check in the build back better plan or the American families plan. Fed VP Richard Clarida supports ongoing stimulus as the US works its way out of an uneven recovery. Democrats will be 100% responsible for adding or subtracting a fourth stimulus check. President Biden says he will support what Democrats want to do with a 4th stimulus check. IRS stimulus checks ranging from $1000 to $2000 for those that overpaid on unemployment in 2020 are set to go out any day now. Governor Newsome wants to spend $100 Billion on a stimulus package which would give $600 stimulus checks to adults and $500 stimulus checks to children. Some say this is only happening because he is being recalled as Governor. Former President Obama says he knows for a fact the military and pentagon have video of UFO’s but wouldn’t say whether they have aliens, alien spacecrafts or alien techonology. Some say aliens are real while others says the idea of them is injected to distract people from government issues. Congress passes the AAPI bill to protect asian and pacifica island americans from hate crimes.

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– Fourth Stimulus Check Update
– Important Updates From Congress
– The Stock Market
– Child tax credit 2021
– IRS tax refunds
– Student Loan Forgiveness
– IRS stimulus checks
– 4th & 5th Stimulus Check Update
– Unemployment tax situation
– President Biden’s Build Back Better Infrastructure Bill
– President Biden’s American Families Plan
– Life Insurance
– Home Loans
– Silver and Gold investing
– Dividend Paying Stocks

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  1. Stephen Gardner

    Check out the NEWEST giveaway!
    Biden tells Congress to make the decision on a 4th stimulus check.
    Are UFO's real or are they used to distract the American people when Government is struggling?
    Stay AMAZING!!!!

  2. Brenda Fordyce

    They have always hated to give money to Americans during the pandemic! I don't believe we will get a 4th! Everyone would be better off moving to other countries that take care of their people.

  3. Wow another pretty story steve

  4. james drobnyk

    I have not received the second or third stimulus, and I filed taxes, and paid what I owed in taxes .
    Wtf! And people are crying about a fourth already? Get a third job.

  5. Author Mollie Ann Holt

    Congress needs to get it together. They are supposed to be looking out for American people.

  6. Author Mollie Ann Holt

    I can't believe Russia is getting money from Biden Administration.

  7. Dellio Villareal

    They gave a stimulus to distract the people while prices and food go up and gas prices are out of hand only the rich will be able to afford it people that are retired are over worked and left out they will be voted out for breaking promises and taking care of the poor and seniors pretty bad…

  8. I’m still awaiting ur response to the orbs in ur videos. ??

  9. The whole coronavirus is a plot too cover up newword order scare us too give up our rights

  10. I think we have reversed engineered alien 👽 tech and may have remains. But is only being used to distract us from the control they are taking over us.

  11. The democrats will do only what they think will benefit them to get more votes they really do not care about citizens. If they can get aliens the vote they will help them only.

  12. Emina Hodzic

    Look this is beginning to be some what confusing. look i got 2 stimulus check ,i got 1400 in 2020 May and the second stimulus was for 1200 April 2021 that is it. what the hell is 3rd and 4th stimulus, please explain im confused

  13. They have info on UFOS

  14. Did you see how people reacted over the gas?? This is why they won’t tell us the truth about aliens.

  15. Robert Lacey

    It's a distraction but they do have alien technology

  16. I haven't not Received my 3th Stimulus Check.i have Received 1&2 one.Iam on SSI & SSD. I NEED IT.

  17. Rance Newell

    If everything opens back up I don't think we'll see that fourth stimulus check or the increases for social security disability and SSI which are needed big time I'm suffering only make it $1,400 a month I'm allowed to work a part-time job and make 1310 a month on top of that gross but I wish it would drop that limit I mean I'm a double amputee and I have a disability but I should be allowed to work as much as I want but that doesn't mean I'm not disabled I'll be disabled for life but I should have the opportunity to make more money some qualifications nowadays for apartments say you have to make $30,000 a year so even work in part-time and get my disability only comes to about 24-25,000 so I still don't qualify and that makes it tough I don't want to end up sleeping in my car because I don't make enough money on disability to work but right now I have a spinal injury so I have to live off my disability which is only 17,000 a year and that's not very much at all

  18. Rebecca Lipe

    Hello thanks for updates, I’m late in responding, we need pipelines , gas prices should not be going up. Biden can’t make a decision he’s a puppet. Don’t people realize that. I’m so sick of hearing how they can help homeowners and so many times it’s scams to steal your home. What happened to giving $200 month to Ss recipients.?…..

  19. Yesenia Delgado

    the refund stimulus regarding the unemployment is it for everyone or just people who got unemployment plz answer my question @stephen gardener

  20. Vicky McConnell

    A fourth stimulus check would really help me get air-conditioning just moved this rental doesn't have any air-conditioning but to save money it needed to help me money wise

  21. Charlene Hernandez

    Of course, a major distraction, as it was use should be obvious..

  22. Deanna Burris

    Could be either way i believe it's been around i feel for a while.

  23. Deanna Burris

    No they just need to just go to work. That's waist of money.

  24. Deanna Burris

    I feel we do need a 4th stimulus check gas food, utilities has went up us poor people just can't keep up. What about ARKANSAS? WE NEED HELP TOO.

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