Bigger Update on NEW $1,400 Stimulus Checks! [Jan 31]

$1,400 Stimulus Check Update ⚠️Investing Program & YouTube Course 🚨 Use Coupon 🤠BDAY🤠 🦠Life Insurance

Certain limitations apply.

Joe Biden reveals his new stimulus check plan live. $2,000 checks, unemployment pay, rental relief, mortgage forbearance, and more. The American Recovery Plan is a $1.9 trillion dollar stimulus relief package and includes third stimulus checks of $1,400. When is the third stimulus check expected to arrive? The end of February or mid March.

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An update on Biden’s new stimulus check package and $2,000 stimulus check plan for January 31, 2021. This is an update on the third stimulus check. This update may include updates on the EIDL grants / advances from the SBA, PPP loans, unemployment pay, SSI/SSDI/VA benefits, stimulus checks, unemployment checks, PUA, PEUC, pandemic unemployment pay, rental assistance, stimulus checks, student loan forgiveness, Biden tax changes, and more. Forbearance for renter’s and mortgage forbearance extensions. Automatic stabilizers. Debt forgiveness for students. Vaccine funding. The infrastructure package and more. In the mean time, Senator Mitch McConnell is holding up the next stimulus package by demanding an organizing resolution include a guarantee that the filibuster will not be ended. Joe Biden is exchanging calls with the Problem Solver’s Caucus and other moderate democrats and republicans to get a bipartisan package passed.

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  1. Miss the old days of real estate related videos lol

  2. Donna Wilson

    It passed the Senate late last nigh

  3. I'm going to make an only fans where I make dirty stock trades who will pay to watch lol

  4. Myanmar AHla

    STIMULUS PAYMENTS # 003 ($2,000 + Monthly $2,000):

    THANKS very much for our US Presidential Team, Approving and Signing Covid-19 Relief, Third Stimulus Payments Amounts of: $ 2,000 , which I have NOT Received to-date on 01/26/2021.

    These Stimulus Payments have been ANNOUNCED Repeatedly with Videos, on The Internet, for many, many months. I have Received my 2nd Stimulus Payment Amount of $600.00 on 01/04/2021. Thanks!

    Please Process my 3rd Stimulus Payment Amount of $2,000 IMMEDIATELY, because I need the FUNDS to Pay for my Cost of Living Expenses [Tithes & Offerings, Housing, Storages, Garages, Rents & Renter’s Insurance); GAP Insurance, Home Security Alarm Systems, Bank related Expenses (Safety Deposit Boxes & Fees), Transportation (Car Payment, Insurances, Maintenance & Gasoline); Food & Drinks, Clothing, Health Insurances (Vision, Dental, Medications, etc ..), Family Members & Friends (Birthdays & Holidays), Gym (Annual Fee & Membership), Donations & Charities, Savings for Children, Emergency Funds, Credit Cards Annual Fees, Presidential Contributions, etc … , and my Deceased Mother‘s Expenses]. My Mother DIED on 05/08/2020, at her Chinese Age of 97.


    If you have any Concern, Question, or Problem, please CONTACT me IMMEDIATELY.

    Miss Lois Jane Teresa Lee,
    Former Employee of The US Treasury Department;
    Government Services (G.S.) Level 13 – (1990-1991):
    Financial Services Department (FMS – Electronic Certification System), and
    The Internal Revenue Services (IRS – Senior Technical Staff)

    Phone: (740) 322-3601
    Email Address: [email protected], OR [email protected]
    Mailing Address: P O Box 105, Newark, OH. 43058-0105, USA.

    Date: 02/03/2021 @ 07:15 pm (EST, USA).

  5. Krish Melody

    Cool analysis

  6. Jester Logic

    Jesus how impossible this first guy's answers are we all smell fake cant they get how bad that looks?

  7. Uriah Waller

    Don't know how you have the patience to listen to the fools

  8. No one can know if people who made 74 Gs and more djnjt spend the money come on how do they really know that

  9. Norma Cinnamon

    I am not proud of my country anymore, or at least since this election. I love to have faith that when promises are made, promises are kept. Otherwise it is a country with no morals

  10. It's not just you it's not just you it's funny how he keeps on beating around the bush and going we like we love some like feedback make sure that we're doing it right well I'm not giving any feedback anymore I'm tired of getting f***

  11. 101meowkitty

    Kevin ARE U SICK?? 🤢

  12. Laura Taylor

    This guy is full of sht

  13. Marcel Webber

    Bitcoin investment with Brittni Glazer Friend is literarily the best decision one can do right now

  14. Fabian Meneses

    Are you high bro

  15. Earnestine Ray

    Hi kevin, I feel that the REPUBLICAN PARTY are not even serious with THIER Proposal, thier ATTEMPT is ment for an distraction AND AND to appearance OF EVEN caring, REPUBLICANS have exspressed in THE NOT so far PAST that most of them think the PEOPLE dont need any more STIMULUS at this time, I hope the biden team stands firm and do not cave in to the Republican PARTY

  16. Right after they get done with this package then we need to hit them with SSI and SSDI $200 increase payment! I don't think that the habit in this bill, but we need to pounce on it and get it out there so they will know that we have not forgotten about that bill that Pres. Biden promised people on disability.

  17. Right after they get done with this package then we need to hit them with SSI and SSDI $200 increase payment! I don't think that the habit in this bill, but we need to pounce on it and get it out there so they will know that we have not forgotten about that bill that Pres. Biden promised people on disability.

  18. So if I made 51 thousand on the taxes they look at for the check I can’t get it even though now I’m making 29,000$

  19. He is pissing me off too. He is not answering directly at all.

  20. Brenda Drummond

    Hay to my sister an brother

  21. Jeannie Howell

    Where is the 2nd check I’m hoping for something I was evicted end of October I’m a partially blind stroke survivor with no income still waiting on ssi year and a half I worked for the government 13 years no income no insurance but I have Jesus Amen

  22. Adam Weatherall

    Jesus Christ, that was aggravating.

  23. they are scumbag liars…. both the dems and the rino's are crooks and lairs and as soon as you figure the game out the better of we all will be on how to get rid of them all

  24. Steven Palmer

    If I can just take a stand on this Kevin he is done for reconciliation show him who's boss get it done to his urgency and let him targeted a little better but that might might satisfy some Republicans who cares he's got two years to get it done and leave a legacy cuz after that anything's going to happen

  25. Steven Palmer

    If he's going to do for years and get something done he better show the Senate and the house who's boss because if he doesn't they'll walk all over them he has to do it now or just forget the whole four years that Pamela Harris do it

  26. Steven Palmer

    well he's used to doing bipartisan dealing and Son but he's going to find out if he's going to leave a legacy at all he's not going to let bipartisan or Republicans step all over them and show that he's weak so he needs to go with the reconciliation act and do it quickly to show him who's boss or, as will be back there

  27. Supreme Queen

    Biden said he will get money right to us F biden he aint no different from trump

  28. Supreme Queen

    None of them give a F about us

  29. Kathy Fletcher

    Kevin u need to run for president

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