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  2. Msrt, SQ, PayPal Gbtc, Riot I'm loading up, plus Tesla, plug, and lthm. On my way to the moon

  3. International Game Technology PLC (IGT), the world's biggest maker of slot machines, has filed for a patent that enables gamblers to transfer Bitcoin (BTCUSD) from their online wallets to their account at a gambling establishment.

  4. Pali-Hapi-Tiya or Palee-Hapee-Teeya is how you pronounce his last name. Palee-Hapee-Teeya

  5. Riding both the Tesla and Bitcoin runaway freight trains. It's one hell of a ride! LMAO

  6. Etherium and Bitcoin are two different beasts, Chamath should know this by now, it's a shame.

  7. Can you please talk about how etoro is not doing x2 leverage anymore with crypto and has automatically sold everybody's btc x2 leverage positions at 38k usd ? I Lost thousands and I know there are hundreds of others who have too. To make It worse I can't get my funds for about 4 days. 4 days those funds are doing nothing.

  8. We all listen to him and Max Keiser. They say say just focus on BTC. I am slowly coming to understand what they are saying and acting accordingly. Not sure where they stand but along those lines even the presence of you know what coins…does that help us by pulling money from BTC? Imagine you could ball park the number…how much money has went into the 8k coins that are not BTC? What if all that was in BTC right now…where would we be? ETH and LTC do not excite me as much as BTC yet there I am checking this or that coin when in my mind BTC is the key. If it goes down…the others will surely go with it…not the other way around. They are being nice because if you asked them to tell you straight up they would say I have billions and I said only focus on BTC. You dont. What dont you understand?

  9. THE RACE IS ON, who hold the most Bitcoin will control the world's future of finance whether you like it or not, No one can stop it now, they tried (US government, India, china) but failed miserably. Will you hold cash or bond or share that someone else can print more everyday but not you or hold Bitcoin that no one can make more even you? DON'T EVER SELL YOUR BITCOIN !!!!!

  10. On a recent interview, Chamath said he sold a little bit of his Bitcoins, but most of it is on loan to exchanges. But he still retains ownership of most of the BTC he bought.

  11. He still has his BTC. He says he bought it, put it away and doesn;t think about it.

  12. If you look at the weekly chart and the RSI, it looks like it is due for a huge correction.

  13. But why did he bought Bitcoin in the first place 10 years ago instead? Only time will tell one day Bitcoin will eat them all.

  14. If you can’t trust the president of the most powerful country in the world, who can you trust? Apple, Tesla, Google or Amazon? Not in a million years for me.

  15. Camath has not invested in ETH or DeFi because he has not had time to look at everything. He admits this in many interviews. ETH and BTC are two total different products. His bet on BTC is all about in case things blow up aka schmuck insurance and the ETH bet is about growth and tech. BTC will never be anything but digital gold and ETH is not trying to be digital gold. They are different assets

  16. lol I wonder If I caused the Loopring Rally. I did call it and spam it everywhere. Another 30% gainer I was bullish on

  17. I dont think giving people 100 sats is the goal.. I think the ultimate goal in that scenario in his mind would be getting everyone a wallet and that's what would be worth more than the satoshis . And people will usually do anything for free stuff lol..just my thoughts .

  18. We should rally on Loopring while its cheap. Spread the word to your rich friends lol

  19. Facebook and apple will actually loose, after banning parlor and advocating densorshop, they are against freedom.

  20. George he was referring to the 'smucks' as those who have been putting all of you who promote bitcoins benefit.
    Love it when he says those things about the naysayers to put them down.
    Bless all you bitcoin promoters, keep up the positive approach. Been watching you from 2018 along with quite a few of you.

  21. He's right about Ethereum, it's 445,224x less secure than Bitcoin because they chose GPUs over ASICs, and soon Bitcoin will have smart contracts with Taproot removing it's final USP.

  22. I lost around dozen bitcoin way back in 2011 or so when my computer crashed. I didn't take bitcoin seriously back then and forgot all about it.