Bitcoin Above $10,000 – Why the Sudden Jump?

Bitcoin is Above $10,000 again, settling around $10,200. Why the Sudden Jump and will BTC stay? Let’s discuss.

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  1. That was impressive

  2. BTC has a CME gap at $9,615 and all gaps lower seem to get filled. That's the reason I don't believe in the rally. I am not selling anything though. I just HODL.

  3. gowthami samudrala

    Mummy leg is sleeping

  4. Crypto Coffee TV

    Where are the live vids??? These are fine, but feels too commercial

  5. Whale breeding season is here. Falling dollar rising gold silver and btc

  6. Short videos are so much better! Better edo & Nuls go up high, right?

  7. Sounds like you are reading a script.

  8. كريم كراميل

    Welcome back man so nice to hear ur vouce

  9. George if this continues through August we will be smack dab in the ending of 2017 and beginning of 2018.

  10. MaskedNinja76

    BTC has a CME gap at $9,615 and all gaps lower seem to get filled. That's the reason I don't believe in the rally. I am not selling anything though. I just HODL.

  11. Welcome back brother

  12. Kitten Power

    Short, simple, straight down to the point, I like it!

  13. Matthew Rully

    Love the short tidbits of content George, but I do miss your face 🙁

  14. Heaven on wheels 2018

    Definitely investing into bitcoin when my stimulus check comes in

  15. Sick intro man. Good to see you back.

  16. Thank you for the info!

  17. Good to see you back, feels like you’ve been absent over 6 months already

  18. Celcelionaire

    If tomorrow BTC does not keep pumping hard it will definitely dump below10K.

  19. Adirondack Shiller

    These short to the point vids are really good for my ADHD coin

  20. thanks for keep on going! watching your content since 2017 🙂

  21. Joshua Lynne

    Not sure if I’m liking the new ways Geroge… I think the old way is much better! 🙏👌🏼 ps: been watching you everyday from when you started! Thanks! 👍

  22. Baba Bitcoin

    Crypto Kerby -Fake YouTuber

    TAKES MONEY FROM VIP AMD DELETES Users that have paid him. I lost $1,650. HE IS A THIEF !

  23. Michael Watson

    great content ,

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