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Today’s Crypto News: Bitcoin [BTC] & Altcoins Pump | Chinese New Year

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0:00 Intro
2:06 Bitcoin
4:40 Altcoins
6:08 Bitcoin ETF approved
9:14 BTC Miners
11:06 Miami to pay employees in BTC?
12:10 Jack Dorsey & Jay-Z
13:12 BlockFi & Grayscale Trust
14:25 Microsoft & Enjin NFT
15:22 Dogecoin & Elon Musk
17:25 Altcoin videos
21:20 Q & A

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  1. Can you say your opinion about Swirge? That’s a marketplace. Saw smb was discussing it on twitter. They say Swirge is based to give users complete control over their info, finnaces and privacy. Should I join?

  2. please. please . please
    exact time of dumping BTC is……………………..??

  3. We need to start looking into the possibility of Ethereum manipulation/suppression happening within the market. ETH has been acting VERY strange lately if you haven't noticed! Inconvenient sell offs at the most unconditional of times, such as when ETH is breaking key resistance and fib levels. They also seem to sell off right when ETH is breaking out of bullish patterns! ETH hasn't had an actual breakout in a while which raises question. 80% of the liquidity that was brought into the market during the Elon Musk pump was going to ETH… so why isn't that reflecting in the price? I don't know about you but to me its quite obvious that someone or something is purposely manipulating/suppressing the price of ETH to benefit them, whether its too profit off a 100x leverage short or a futures contract. it could also be a BTC maxi who is just keeping ETH from outperforming BTC! Whatever the reason, things are starting to look a little suspect within Ethereum's price movement during this "Alt season" and I think the community needs to be aware of this…Maybe we can get some kind of Wallstreetbets type short squeeze going so we can liquidate all these shorts being placed by vindictive whales/miners! lol

  4. George what do you think of File coin FIL – De-centralized data storage?

  5. Hi, Nice to meet you guys!
    May i know what's the best platforms to Buy/Sell Cardona in asia?

  6. If it wasn’t for George , I would have sold in late 2018 – I was depressed but I held. Now look at us

  7. Decentraland is cheap & it's going to be big. Can buy property on ethereum and build on property

  8. Anyone thats been a subscriber of cryptosRus since at least 2018 will know that George has always covered alt coins, hes educated and knows his shit , a lot more than a lot of u haters.

  9. Litecoin and Doge are co-mined.
    Image if it''s Elon and he is going to mine in space … free energy, free cooling … with his 60'000 starlink satellites.

  10. here's a thing here's a thing you know what George… your channel is pretty cool 😎

  11. Wondering what your thoughts are on KSM / UMX and LYXE? – They all seem to be extremely underrated. I think KSM will 20x and UMX / LYXE will most likely 1000x

  12. Happy Chinese New Year George, if you believe in Feng Shui or chinese astrology 2021 the year of the Ox or as I'd like to call it the year of the BULL is not just any year of the Ox but it's actually the year of the METAL Ox with the element metal associated with electricity and stability, so I believe cryptos will have a very consistent uptrend for the rest of the year