Bitcoin at $12,000 & Beyond // So Little BTC Left

Bitcoin at $12,000 & Beyond // So Little BTC Left

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  1. Bitcoin is the future, Investing in it now will be the wisest thing to do

  2. Sunny Decree

    I think this pandemic has taught people the importance of multiple streams of income unfortunately having a job doesn't mean security. So I really appreciate your transparency and giving people a fighting chance during these troubling times

  3. think a lot of people will be sat on the sidelines waiting to buy at 10k for the last time. will it go sub 10k again? i dont think so

  4. i only just seen you are back.

  5. We want crypto winter!

  6. One thing that people aren't talking about is Bitmex having its wings clipped finally and removing that shadow over BTC price action.

  7. Makakilo Kid

    Great video! Your right stack those Sats!!!

  8. Watch out IOTEX guys, lots of news and progress recently, still extremely undervalued.

  9. alex cervantes

    Concentrate on Bitcoin

  10. We are primed for launch!

  11. Kevin Lavelle

    Sounds like in terms of alts right now you’re saying buy high sell low…
    Only the strong will survive dont fomo into btc ..keep strong and DCA with btc and buy the dips on everything with strong fundamentals

  12. The Artist Formerly Known as R.T.

    I'm going to wait until bitcoin goes below 100 million sats before I buy.

  13. The Artist Formerly Known as R.T.

    Be greedy when people are fearful. This applies to alts too. There will be a massive alt season next year and the next month or 2 will be the best time to buy.

  14. Whoop ThereItIs

    Alts taking a beating. Do we move them into BTC???

  15. I would have to say that this is the perfect time to be dollar cost averaging some alts. Bitcoin should already a part of the portfolio reguardless, but while everyone is jumping ship from alts to btc, thats forming a major discount opportunity in the altcoin market. You know as well as I do, if bitcoin reaches a new level and starts trading sideways, that money will come rushing back into the altcoins again. My opinion, average down some alts. But keep buying bitcoin too. This is a move that requires alot of patience. Because averaging down an asset feels like your throwing money right down the drain, but what you are actually doing is lowering your break even price in preparation for the next major altcoin rally. (I am not a financial advisor, always do your own research and make your decisions based on what you believe to be the right way to go.)

  16. filecoin huge dump. from top 10 to 35..

  17. i have a buy order for a few SAT's @10,500 /BTC. I can't buy any right now, too expensive I'm waiting for the dip.

  18. Honestly BTC is the way. .. . forget ADA . .. .well I do buy ADA at this dip. . . but I did get bitcoin.

  19. Steve Stockman

    It would be nice to own just 1 BTC, but it looks like I would have to sell both my cars.

  20. I am new to this but please help me understand this: if bitcoin hits $15k or $20k, as a holder how can you benefit? Do you sell? Who’s going to buy at that high price?

  21. Noticing some of the altcoin communities I'm involved in are dropping. It feels like it's loads of folks swapping out their holdings for btc this week.

  22. But George.. I found another way to make gainz without selling my Alts.. I went Long on BTC & shorted my Alts.. That's double gainz both ways..

  23. Max Keiser said it best, "All alt coins are just scams to take away your bitcoin."

  24. digimediadude

    Progression and mass adoption is on the horizon, I always HODL and trade some on the side.

  25. Quartercrawler

    12k G-Unit Thanx. Thinking of selling my ETH for BTC, buying @ 11.470……….Go Dodgers!

  26. just broke 12k

  27. Guys. Don't panic if you have Alt coins lol. This is the way the market works. BTC will go up first, then the money will trickle down into the Alt coins. Hold your Alts and relax lol. Don't panic trade your Alts into BTC and then get crushed when BTC starts to go back down. Dont panic lol

  28. Thanks as always George for the great content.

  29. The markets seem like one big game of musical chairs. Everyone is placing their bets before the music stops.

  30. Jake Determan

    George it has been so long to get here since 2017. Diamond hands confirmed? 😎💪🏽

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