Bitcoin at $34,000 and Ethereum at $1000 | What's Next?

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  1. Funny he called bitcoin rat poison when I think that he is selling and drinking rat poison (coke).

  2. That's why the little uneducated moonboys come in and buy ultra low price coins like XRP. Only reason it was number 3…

  3. A comedic "what if" situation: Imagine if grayscale ends up buying the vast majority of all bitcoin? (They're not fuckin' getting mine!) Ok. Are you imagining grayscale holding all of the coins and nobody else has any left? What happens to the value? That makes me laugh. Owning ALL the money in the world makes it worthless to everyone else. HODLHard!

  4. lmfao when these two dinosours start speaking even the one on the right knows the other is full of bullshit

  5. Bitcoin would have ended up like liberty reserve,shut down. The feds and cia allowed bitcoin to live if they would keep block chain size at 1mb and run the lighting network which would monitor all activity. Roger ver said hell no.

  6. George are you Chinese or Japanese? I can usually tell but u look like you could be either or and even Korean lol

  7. can't teach old dogs new tricks they say. these guys are relic egotistic dinosaurs Just hanging on to their obsolete creations and they are about to go against the ticking of time.

  8. If you trust what Buffet says then you’ve drunk the coolaid already and you also worship Bill Gates.

  9. Are you ready Ethereum is gonna go by bitcoin and so is Hex you heard here first wake up my peeps

  10. When is institutions going to buy eth as much as they buy btc? That will be the day alts start to move for real

  11. Anyone hear about the MTI scam that stole 22000 BTC from investors in December?

  12. Oh my goodness…entertaining Buffet clip, and thanks for sharing (love your breakdowns and commentary), but so clueless about bitcoin and cryptos. I can't believe that anyone is still even asking these two dinosaurs their opinions about this space!

  13. Warren Buffett is worth over $80 billion and has been one of the top 5 richest people in the world for many years. He may not be fully up to speed on
    bitcoin, but he has done quite well for himself as one of the greatest investors in history, and has done better than all but a small handful of people who have ever existed. That's a pretty impressive track record no matter how you spin it.

  14. George even 20 years old kid doesn’t believe bitcoin. Look at the the title on Dave Ramsey video . My mom waste money on bitcoin for 7000 dollars. You need make live reactions another Dave Ramsey brain wash 20 years old kid. The mom was right. Now the college kid look fools now.

  15. Ever since I discovered bitcoin and crypto I knew this was going to be big but I think even I underestimated how high it can go when you lay out the facts the way you did. This is going to be a special bull run. Also I dont think Buffet knows your can earn interest from crypto.

  16. Warren Buffet logic: "When I was a kid a Coke cost a nickel and now it costs a dollar so it's value has increased by 95%. Moreover, you can drink a coke. What can you do with a bitcoin?"

  17. don't look too warren for advice as far as crypto goes. he is totally out of touch with the space. and the other old geezer sitting next to him compares bitcoin to harvesting babies brains. be careful who you listen too.