BITCOIN BEAR MARKET 50% TESTS | Every July In Crypto History

In this video, we discuss 12 years of Bitcoin history before, during and after a bull market using the month of July as our main data point. Does August produce up, down or sideways months for crypto?

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  1. Jason Pizzino

    Will August be a down month or up month for Bitcoin?

    โ˜† Exclusive Investor Updates- TIA Lite (SAVE 33%! First 500 Only):

    โ˜† Private Investors Community- TIA Premium (includes TIA Lite):

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    Ticker: TIA
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  2. Denzel Alfred

    great job as always

  3. I know that u buy at 15 and sell at around 90 fear and greed.. but don't you want to sell your bTC earlier when it gets boring and move back into alts for higher returns? If so.. when would you do this? WOuld love some more info on this topic!

  4. How do you deal with the mental stress of being in the market?

  5. Edward Reesha

    A frickin BTC maximalist. Deep down resents ETH.

  6. Alois Madelhari

    >>>>How I made $298k in 10 days with an initial investment of $50k, trading. Get yours this week, don't give no one your money,, do it yourself>>>>>*if you don't know how, ask me

  7. This guy is a fake trader

  8. John Szczerba

    Ethereum is almost at $2700. Is this the market dip you predicted?

  9. Rob Thiebeau

    TrendBased Fib .618 says from last top/bottom = September 20th end: so imma say August is even to slightly lower.

  10. This is a great video , everyone calling bull market back on but the idea of putting my money back in is not worth the risk to reward , just being patient

  11. Kardum Odalv

    The answer: it may go up but more likely it will go down before going up at some point again ๐Ÿ˜… (?)

  12. Heginn Vearnenn

    My top coin is DIVI, they are impressively good. They've
    even got a ton of uses and you can even use them to run nodes or to stake. Their nodes take only 1 click to setup and staking them is super easy too. They are also listed on KuCoin.

  13. Great video man, Strongnode can actually have a major impact on the development of the IOT industry, and the more IOT industry gets developed, the more we can anticipate a futuristic world on our way! Maybe you can even make a video on it.

  14. Make an vid about etherium prediction for August month…

  15. Marcelo Miyano

    So basically useless information since july has been a turn point upwards, downwards and sideways?

  16. Look at $KLEE. They have a mobile game coming out on all platforms where you can get return tokens. Burn and redistribution. I've 2x so far

  17. soroush mohammadi

    Hi Jason , what is your opinion About Swapping Lisk & Tezos , into ""Matic"" and ""Solana"" in my portfolio ?

  18. Jason,

    Love your content sir. Keep up the great work!

  19. Justin Lewis

    You are a great balance to the "hopium" that is pumped on "YouTube"

  20. DENT DENT DENT will make you a millionaire

  21. Hello Jason?
    Do you know how to calculate crypto taxable in Australia?

  22. Great stuff as always, thanks!

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