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Bitcoin can replace USD as the reserve currency said Fed Chairman Jerome Powell back in 2019 when testifying in front of congress. Not only that but Powell also recognized Bitcoin as a store of value. Take a listen.

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  1. Pretty sure Mr. Powell's a whole lot smarter than me. He's already thinking 3 steps ahead and with the resources he has will most likely have considered multiple choices for this financial reset. Hold on to your xrp and gold bags bois.

  2. If someone really wants to make BTC, this is actually the best strategy in my opinion – Possess 50% of one's money for daily buying and selling on crypto (Bitcoin and altcoins) and the other 50% for longterm. I take advantage of Logan Lam crypto bot, almost every day so I gain btc. No matter whether the price rises or down, it is the best feeling. In any other case, if you're looking forward to $100,000 / BTC, you can forever wait 😉

  3. I would argue that a currency war between US China and Russia is already taking place behind the scenes and US will if isn’t already contemplating access to Bitcoin to mitigate the growing deficit and failing dollar – before other world powers beat them to it. Think about the the skids have all of a sudden been greased for institution access – an about face from a few years ago. Coincidence? Nothing is a coincidence when it comes to money. You either get onboard or fall behind And this could blow the top off of bitcoin. Everybody is going to want our bitcoin.

  4. Considering I have lost crypto three times on phones/tablets…….not even close. The average person is no where near capable of using crypto as money. Way to easy to lose.

    It's nerd money….admit it.

  5. I don't think it could totally replace fiat (but who knows in a distant future), but I would bet it could become a standard like gold was.

  6. It's getting more and more positive for BTC, but don't expect it to take off immediately, we have to be strong and HODL.
    HODL basically means to be patient and we all know what Warren Buffet says. "The stock market is a device to transfer money from the impatient to the patient", Bitcoin is a device to transfer money from the FUDDERS to the HODLers!

  7. Yeah yeah buy bitcoin guys b get rekked when they flip it to other asset 😂😂😂👌🏽


  9. I think the US government is behind Bitcoin. Why? SATOSHI NAKAMOTO is supposedly holding 1 million bitcoin right? Well that’s roughly 5 percent of all bitcoin which will ever exist. 5 percent is the exact amount of the world gold reserve that the USA is holding. I believe they are steering the world into bitcoin because the know they will have to inflate the dollar. This is how they will get the country out of debt and move into a new monetary system.

  10. I think we would be way better off if the big FOMO bullrun comes in 2-3 years when BTC scaling has been figured out. BTC needs 500 million transfers a day so it needs to scale 1000x. Otherwise we will just repeat 2017 and everyone will go "btc is too slow and too expensive yada yada" causing FUD and another dump.