Bitcoin Case Study: Never Trade or Invest Based on News Headlines

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A lot of people like to use the news as a way to make investment or trade decisions…

And in this video, I’m talking about why that will consistently put you on the wrong side of the markets.


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Disclaimer: I’m not a financial advisor, and nothing I say is meant to be a recommendation to buy or sell any financial instrument. Don’t invest money you can’t afford to lose. My videos may contain affiliate links to products I believe will add value to your life.


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  1. Reminder: I don't manage money for other people. Report any fake profiles or email addresses that ask you to send money for an investment scheme. Never send bitcoin or other money to someone claiming they will trade it for you.

  2. is it just me, but his voice quite often is too loud? Bad mic or smth

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  5. Sam Baillargeon

    I've learned so much from you in such a short time. Thanks !!


    Fair points! There are a lot of uneducated people in this space and their trades influence the market. One should definitely do the due diligence when investing for personal safety as well as protecting the ecosystem.

  7. Darin Rlondon

    Probably right however strategic partnerships etc can change the expected future growth and that wont be relected instantly….

  8. Nice to find another rational Bitcoin enthusiast on YouTube who isn't a full-time bull. The irrational enthusiasm in this space is kind of scary when seeing so many young investors and newcomers trying to trade based on channels with hosts who have no experience trading yet give advice and constantly say things such as "HODL" or "Bitcoin to the moon" and never mention downside risk and dismiss those who do. Great channel, keep up the good work.


    Dear Chris,

    Can you kindly tell us your own feeling (surely we will take our own decision) about buying Bitcoin in August 2017 ?

    Or will you wait if you have money which you can afford to loose ?

    best regards,

  10. Very good video. Could you explain the fork issue?

  11. theotheronetoknow

    When you listen to talking heads, you usually wish you got some.

  12. It'll be great if according to your technical analysis and not going by the news, where do you see the BTC going and why.
    Great videos and awesome stuff! Thanks

  13. Daniel Von Pache

    Dude, w/o news you've got nothing so news is critical and so is one's ability to integrate it into any trade as no technicals alone will get you there.

  14. hi Chris, can you tell the best way to predict the charts to trade? like when you went short on that dip towards the end?

  15. So do the exact opposite

  16. There was a lot of news on ethereum before it hit 400. Dash news is helping it rise atm. You can follow the news but know what youre getting into and dont come in after. The headlines you show is just describing the price action, not actual news.

  17. Thanks Chris

  18. Eric Blander

    Hey man, I wish you would do a weekly recap video or something! I unsubscribed for a while cause there were no videos about trading but now I'm subscribed again 🙂

  19. can activate the subtitles?

  20. What would you guys recommend to a newbie like me who goes for a long term investment? i bought 25% of my portfolio with btc at 2750 just to have a little bit in, in case it goes up to 4k, wanna buy the rest but im waiting for a better price of course. what would you recomend me to do? buy the rest or hold a better price in the near future? do you feel it can drop after august? im just afraid to wait and then if it goes to 4k and pullback a little bit it would be much more expensive than now. any suggestion?

  21. Anthony COLAS

    Hello Chris,

    Thank you SO MUCH for your videos. You mentioned Master Class, what is it exactly? Also, in another video, you said you joined a group of like minded people. I would love to join you guys if possible.

    Once again, a huge fan of your work from France. Please keep doing this amazing job!

    Have a nice day and enjoy your Sunday.

  22. Anurag Sharma

    nice work…

  23. Hi Chris, is your Bitcoin mentoring class (linked in the description only for bitcon or does it include other altcoins as well? Is there a demo I can see?

  24. Hi Chris, there is a person who contacted me trough a comment that I left in one of your videos. I asked something in your video and he replay me like it was you, that person use your name, you photo and then he sent me and email to contact him…the email was this: [email protected] I was interested because I was thinking was you. Ok, to make the history short, after few emails he asked me to send 5 BTC and in 5 days he/she will be return me 10 BTC, also that person told me has client interested in buy my BTC for $2800 when in the market were around $2000. He/She sent me an address to send theBTC this one: 1GK79rbSk9kisjPjfEL6yeYHvWWAi8yqa5

  25. your "i told you so!" is exact the same as I would hear dollar vigilante

  26. Ricardas Iluvataru

    Good video keep going thank you.

  27. Unify will make u millionaire
    totally undervalued and Masternode on the way

  28. time for me to sell and take profits 🙂

  29. Trip Fontain

    It´s definetly possible, but you always have to do the opposite of what "they" say

  30. Chris, where do you get your crypto news from? Thanks!

  31. Branislav Konjević

    You're just great guy! I've bought some BTC recently but I'm still not verified, so I'm unable to sell them… and yes – I believe that price will fall down after 1. of August, I can't wait it.

  32. That was an awesome advice , thank you sir.

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