Bitcoin Continued Interest from Big Money, Pizza Fears, Massive Milestone, & QuadrigaCX End Game

Bitcoin price stays above $5,000 as institutional players continue to buy BTC products, Bitcoin passes a big milestone, and QuadrigaCX declared bankrupt.

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  1. Marcel Younes

    Hey man , thanks for your videos and help … I was wondering how could I pitch you a project,I have a elaborative review written and all I'm requesting is for you to read it. Thanks

  2. Amiris Brown

    I know how to solve the Pizza problem in an instant 😉 Instant Pizza 😋

  3. Neil Manning

    You would have to be crazy to buy anything with BTC atm. Buy hold and buy some more

  4. Lark, what happened to the cool intro to your videos? I miss it.

  5. Mr Lark good to see in your sub comments a strong belief in crypto & i agree you are the best bloke in this space.
    I am liking the current market trend small rises & holding gaining support and confidence which will keep new money coming.
    Cheers and have a great day

  6. Richard Bryant

    I'd be interested in seeing what research companies have done on the exit scam.

  7. In the USA, people do not want to spend BTC on goods because.they get taxes on it every time they do it… very annoying

  8. dogbitesteel

    I read somewhere awhile ago that once BTC reaches $40 000 people will begin to spend. makes sense because discretionary income would be way up. cd b a tipping point.

  9. Exciting World Of Content

    Yes quite crazy about QuadrigaCX, all well, makes the neighbourhood bouncy and interesting. Maybe time to go have a pizza again, maybe just go with single cheese for now, very double.. See what happens. Hard to say what crypto be good for using. I do think BTC is the original boy in town, looks like he is still here, why not. Good work on video. thanks for sharing as always. Sincerely JR

  10. Watching this channel for more than a year now. I'm not leaving comments often, but I just wanted to say THANK YOU for all the great insights you have given me. KIA ORA!

  11. EinfachWegGehen

    Hi Lark, concerning the ETF you should watch this:
    It's a video from Ivan on teck interviewing Davincij15 in which davincij15 explains his opinion concerning the date of the ETF-introduction.

  12. Get free token coins from digitex

    Thank me later

  13. Charlie Mclaren

    Hey Lark can you do an episode about a potential Crypto economy and the feasibility of deflationary currency ? I find it very difficult to imagine a growing economy with a currency which people are incentivised to hold. The fact that your money loses value over time acts as an incentive for people to open businesses and invest which acts as a catalyst for the economy. In a Cryptocurrency economy investment would surely dry up ? Or if you think Bitcoin can only ever be a store of value and niche payment method i'd be interested to know.

  14. My favourite crypto channel by far. Keep up the great work Lark!!

  15. Peter Jenner

    Shouldn't you be on an aeroplane young man? 😉

  16. Thanks Lark. Hope you have a good trip to Sydney ♥️🌈✌️☮️

  17. mightyachilles1

    Actually interest is dropping off, the exchange manipulated pump is losing steam, get ready for another dump back down into the low 4k's.

  18. Cryptocoin Kiwi

    Can someone program me a Brave Addon that auto-thumbs up Larks videos? That would be great thanks.

  19. South Africa loves you Lark

  20. Let's hope BTC's golden Cross is a successful as Sharon Stones Golden Cross!!

  21. Intersting theory from Davincij15 on Ivan on Tech yesterday: ETF will be approved at the top of the market so banks holding BTC have buyers to dump on (e.g. pension funds)

  22. Rock steady.

  23. Padraig O Broin

    Wait a minute has there ever been a big increase in the price of Bitcoin without it being over bought???

  24. Peter Petrov

    Spend and replace! We can't skip that step and get straight to 1 million BILLION dollars! Did we run out of adventurous, technical young people all of a sudden or are they all into Dogecoin? If it was easy work my grandma would be all over Bitcone.

  25. Lark is truly feeling "warm and fuzzy inside" about the milestone of BTC hitting 400 million transactions, peer to peer and on DLT. Wow! <3

  26. Anybody watch the BTC transaction fees go up…during the last price pump. People won't use BTC because of this, they will go to Bitcoin Cash.

  27. Tom Wunderlin

    Looking forward to the china video!

  28. Correction coming ,but then full moon maybe .
    I really think it will drop and then start climbing again rapidly within 4 months .
    No one wants to be Lorenzo (thats his name )

    So any pizza i buy will be done with cash until then😂
    Great update Lark …

  29. The people underestimated that possible china mining ban. We will see the reactions on the market soon

  30. Great info, thanks.

  31. Another great video! Love your style ❤️


    I never understood spending something that's supposed to be so valuable, wouldn't you just hodl? But I guess we can have a hodl stash, trading stash, and now a spending stash, lol

  33. I like this guy! And I don't like many.

  34. Chris Alexander

    Always enjoy the lark meister. Thanks for keeping me and others informed. Excellent work mate

  35. Callum Wells

    Gotta say I'm bummed you're gonna be in Sydney on my GF's birthday this Friday… would've loved to come to the meet up!!

  36. Pierre Jean Jouve

    Thank you Lark

  37. VentionMGTOW

    Nice one. I've enjoyed the recent bull run but I still don't intend to sell any crypto until around the end of 2020 or so. Till then the price can do whatever it wants.

  38. This And That Facts

    Bitcoin atm near my home

  39. Hey what do you think of LBRY? I subscribed to your channel there. $LBC

  40. Jerrod Galanin

    I feel that easier, cheaper on ramps for all crypto would help with spending and adoption!! Great video.

  41. Canada loves the Lark. Canada also loves to Lark.'s a verb now. You figure out what it means. ADA TO THE MOON!

  42. Put your savings in FIAT Lark, its almost as good as Bitcoin. Of course it is a huge ponzi system but you get some cool colored paper!😉

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