Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News – Dennis Rodman, Binance Euro, & Well Fargo Hypocrisy

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency news – Binance announces the first fiat on ramp, Dennis Rodman loves pot, crypto, and peace in Korea, Hollywood disruption, women coming into crypto, and Well Fargo loves hypocrisy.

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  1. Can you also make a review on LEDU COIN?

  2. Those hypocrites wanted the top to be just for them. LEDU for the win! LEDU! LEDU LEDU!

  3. John Michael Ferrer

    Hail Dennis Rodman! Hail Hydra! Hail LEDU Tokens! We'll be going to the moon this 2018!!!!!1

  4. FunOntheRide

    Love your channels, greetings from madrid, spain
    Elastos: EeUAxx59dkhkcfF7w5xRnFzcLsKxfQtHPB
    Join us sometime in our channel it would be awsome!
    [email protected]

  5. MrHarrilasagna

    Wells Fargo and those modern money mechanics. Hard at work marketing debt and refusing anyone the chance to free themselves.

  6. I really appreciate your support to artists! Is the theme about anything?

  7. Cracow walk 4K

    Hahahaha we're going to 4700$ no matter what you say

  8. Massive, I love watching your news more than the news on TV

  9. BuyCryptoPig

    I finally made it I retwitted and everything I can't belive I missed that one Elastos EMX34LomRUz52xAstNppmqg6QmtigxA2Uk

  10. Before series is my favorite

  11. Cardano Zohar Pool

    Gotta love Wells Fargo protecting consumers 😆

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  13. You should review potcoin if you haven't already haha, could be a good opportunity for some views. Keep it up lark, love your news series

  14. Sebastian Kemmer

    Thanks man

  15. marina zompatori

    Sincerely hope we see more women in the space and perhaps that will lead to fewer creeps like Mc Afee and his sleazy machismo. The new movie “First Reformed” with E. Hawke got great reviews too. Look forward to seeing it. I am a huge fan (and in that demographic for sure) of the “Before…” movies

  16. Jasmine Marshall

    Love the new opening

  17. jason layman

    Nice point on wells fargo

  18. Banning credit cards makes sense… If everyone maxed out their cards for crypto and it went to zero, banks would go bankrupt. Crypto would then rise from the ashes and rule the word!

  19. Charlie Mclaren

    Those local Bitcoin traders, are they not the ones responsible for price manipulation by organising huge purchases outside the exchanges which are then not reflected in the price ? Some are saying that it's people like this who are keeping the Bitcoin price supressed. Fling them all in jail if that's the case I say, they're ripping us all off for the benefit of people with more money than they will ever spend. What happens with decentralised exchanges, are those trades reflected in the price the same as with centralised exchanges because the trades are effectively peer-to-peer, without the exchange as an intermediary to monitor supply and demand. Sorry, if that is a ridiculous notion, I don't entirely understand.

  20. hey lark! awesome info as always.
    just wanted to tell you I think that your new logo is kinda ugly, disproportionate and way too serious. sorry for the comments if you were the artist that made it :)). just my 2 satoshis. maybe another graphic designer subscriber can do a better job. I am not. good day sir! 🙂

  21. Larky you hands down constantly find the best news mate 👌👌👌

  22. hi Lark, like good films don`t watch any USA ones. NZ AU and UK film if you need English spoken. but most places in the world do good stuff, you just don`t here about it.
    if a bitcoin been used for drugs you can get arrested. What about all my £ notes that are covered in coke when i get them.

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