Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News – UNICEF, Petro Discounts, and French Taxes

The latest in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency news – UNICEF finds new way to fund raise, Venezuela offering huge discounts, France lowers crypto taxes, Icon, Paypie, and adoption news !

Disclaimer: Everything expressed here is my opinion and not official investment advice – please do your own research before risking your own money!

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    Love your work mate. No.1 Youtuber on my list for sure 🤘

  7. Origin is a great project!

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  9. Very nice that UNICEF is in the forefront of technology

  10. Love hearing about the mom n' pop shops! Made my night!!

  11. I find the UN a deplorable organization. They cannot have access to my computer.

  12. long live the lark.

  13. I want that TRAC swag !!!

  14. Jovan Orozco

    Where the swag at?

  15. Matthew ferrari

    They can't regulate what they don't have definitions for unless they threaten or trick you. Look up the definitions for these terms and they don't apply. Most of the government is breaking the law through the publics ignorance

  16. Matthew ferrari

    UNICEF is a scam and the petro won't work because USA will blow you up if you start buying

  17. Ryan Shaeffer

    You cant just buy a barrel of oil lol i mean what the hell would u do with it lol

  18. Excellent video as always …To the moon we ascend !

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  21. Who knows, the US/UN may blacklist or place sanctions on countries dealing in the Petro, hope not but I wouldn’t put it past them…

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    TRAC to the moooon:)

  23. Check out… very cool idea to solve the transparency issues troubling many charitable organizations. IMO UNICEF should be partnering with projects like this but that might not be the best for their “for profit” business model. Projects like this would be a great stamp of legitimacy for charities and for those reluctant to adopt that model, what are they trying to hide? May not be the ones you want to donate to… just some food for thought 🤔

  24. Jorge Salgueiro

    Great video, as usual 🙂 keep up with the great work Lark!

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  26. As always great stuff, thank you! I’m getting in on some PayPie before they get onto more exchanges 👍

  27. More and more adoptions everyday – long live the blockchain 🙂

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