Bitcoin Deviation Levels real trading example

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In this video I am going to pull a trade I took in the markets on June 3rd 2021 on to my MT4 chart and show you how simple & potentially profitable it can be to find trades when you have the right objective numbers to trade around.

You just have to add in patience to wait for the opportunity and then discipline and confidence to stay with the trade until you get some profits ( or go to sleep I did for this trade & check it in the morning ). This is a trade that took 4 hours to play out in my favor and I wanted to record it live then edit it but my computer crashed while I was sleep. I entered this at night and went to sleep because this is more of an intraday swing trade than anything else. In the video I touch on how you can use the Deviations & probability to expect where the market may go to next in order to find liquidity.

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  1. Great video Alfred & thanks so much for this example. Is there a particular time you prefer to trade Bitcoin like you said you liked the London open with Forex?