In this Market Update, I want to talk about why Bitcoin dipped today. I believe it’s due to what Jerome Powell said about Inflation and bond rates. This is part 2 of my earlier video.

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  1. ⚠️Exclusive Crypto Content

    🚨 Bitcoin 101 Class Code YOUTUBE for 10% off

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  2. 👑👑👑👑

  3. Ilja Jekimov

    You fools ranting about dip for month. It should be enough to talk about it 1 time. What you do is fake and you keep feeding false believe. You have no understanding of what is going on. Coins will not go up.

  4. Check out 17:15 two of the most famous GEORGE'S in all of GEORGE history!

  5. I think I may have to leave my wife of 25 years as of Mar 23rd, she keeps telling me that I AM NOT GEORGE! WTF! Think she gonna have to go cuz I AM GEORGE! (always taking donations incase this GEORGE thing doesn't work out. Josh need $🤣)

  6. Dip explained:

    Futures funding resets every 8hrs, last night it rose to the hour of reset shorts were covering. and within minutes after the hour they reopened their shorts, and panic followed – I called it in my group we been playing the 8 hr moves based around the funding time reset. People do not like to pay those extra fees.

  7. Equibit Gaming

    USA is BTC, everything else is just alts…

  8. great info brother! love your content!

  9. mightyachilles1

    Get ready for the next trouser destroying dump. This aint gonna be pretty, hopefully everybody has cash handy!

  10. DOT out perform Link… Will sell link and go to dot 🙂 Damn link don't do nothing recently.

  11. Luv you George. One of the best people in this space. No gimmicks, just straight up George.

  12. Jerome Powell needs to shut the hell up

  13. colette spencer

    Real estate crash coming next

  14. MMT make bonds not necessary anymore

  15. Is there any estimate on how much BTC F2POOL holds?

  16. I'm hodling on to my crypto and to myself, George!!

  17. ehsankhan khan

    Hi George, I am goerge and we all are goerges lol

  18. It's not complicated. The Fed buying is fake demand since they can print money at no personal risk to themselves This is all welfare for stupid rich people who are so old they could die any day and their financial world is in the same condition. Just watch the Wizard of Oz (Ounces of gold) to understand who and what the U.S. is.

    As far as predicting a better future, do you think he's going to say the future isn't looking good? LOL.

  19. I am upside down George, we are all upside down George

  20. We are all George – stop saying this bro it’s getting weird. This isn’t a cult

  21. Reinis Fretis

    Hi George.

    Have you heard anything about IDEAology?

    I took a look at their white paper and It looks promising. Plus they are launching the platform on 06.03.2021

    What are your thoughts?

  22. Arsenal Subliminal

    "a house built on cards"; first time i've heard this pseudo-idiom. please explain the physics of this phenomenon to me lol.

  23. Coinbase charts were screwed up all night and they still are.

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