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Bitcoin documentary, Crypto News, Cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin Film “Inside the Crypto-Kingdom – The Genesis”. What is bitcoin? We go back to the day Satoshi Nakamoto proposed a radical new form of electronic money. In the wake of a devastating financial crisis, an ecosystem would soon emerge across the globe. The current hype about bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as millions are made and lost make for great headlines, but misses the far more interesting story about the technology that allows them to exist, namely, blockchain. This series dives into the cryptokingdom to understand the technology and why we should all care about how it develops. Just as it’s difficult to do anything without the internet today, in 10 years, we might very well be saying the same thing about blockchain. The series travels through a landscape where the virtual and the physical intertwine, where seemingly abstract concepts like bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and blockchain have inspired libertarians, financiers and entrepreneurs to throw themselves into the technology and explore its potential for the future. Some see it as a revolution, others see the prospect of great profits, and many get lost in between – prey to scams, hacks, or naiveté. We travel across Latin America and Asia in search of the truth behind the hype.

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  4. why does he call people crazy that say he might be part of the illuminati the creator of btc. the coin has 666 engraved in the side of it. the nwo want to usher in a one world currancy. this might have been planned. not sure either way but totally possible. illuminati is a real thing ….. brainwashed ppl will never get this

  5. 01:21 2008 Financial Crisis
    01:56 Satoshi Nakamoto
    04:23 Shenzhen – China – Fang Yu – CEO Bitkan
    06:09 ANT MINER – LIGHTNING – Cryptocurrency Blogger
    09:00 Venezuela – COMPA – Bitcoin Miner
    11:00 Gualeguaychu – Argentina
    14:48 Mt Gox
    15:04 Roger Ver – First Bitcoin Investor
    15:38 Tokyo – Japan
    17:03 belgian beer & cheese – St. Arnould
    17:16 10000 BTC for 2 Pizza 🙂
    18:36 2011 – Mt Gox – First Bitcoin Exchange?
    19:53 Kim Nilsson – Software Developer
    23:00 Japan – Crypto Capital – Mineyuki Fukuda – Japanese Policy Adviser
    24:58 The Dark Web – Silk Road
    25:45 Shanghai – China – Bobby Lee – Former CEO of BTC China Exchange
    40:07 Border – Colombia – Venezuela
    41:46 Venezuela – VaKano – Former Bitcoin Miner
    43:17 El Tecnico – Software Developer
    44:59 Tokyo – Japan – Roger Ver – First Bitcoin Investor
    45:36 Angry audience guy reaction
    46:23 Altcoins

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  8. Crypto currencies = people’s “money” = currencies
    = $ = € = £ = ¥ = fiat
    Only GODS GOLD = money measured in Troy Ounces.
    Marketing is in the story when stripped it is a PONZY.

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  10. Bitcoin is the perfect currency for unstable countries like Venezuela, Latin America, Africa, Asia, etc. It is far better than using unstable, hyper inflated national currencies.

    Venezuela should back bitcoin with oil. Create an bitcoin exchange where oil can be traded directly for bitcoin. Russia, Iran, OPEC, etc. should also do the same.

    Someone needs to setup a large global bitcoin exchange where bitcoin can be traded directly for oil, gold, etc. The first one to support bitcoin with an official global bitcoin exchange will dominate world trade.

    It is a perfect opportunity for Hong Kong, Taiwan, etc.

  11. In your wallet there are numerous crypto currencies. In your crypto exchange be warned for CREX24 which calls itself an exchange server but they are more like a scammer very untrustworthy

  12. An otherwise good documentary is completely ruined by featuring the scammer Roger Ver. It’s a pity.

  13. for those who are wondering the font they are using in this "inside the crypto kingdom" series is VCR OSD Mono.

  14. To avoid losing your crypto funds, all crypto investors should really have a wallet. IMO

  15. Roger ver has been fooling people for so long by giving them BCASH instead of real BITCOIN

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  17. First Full film about SATOSHI NAKAMOTO DECRYPTED MADE 2020,Public Affairs Division

  18. Bitcoin (money) should flow around the world as freely as information. After all, money is simply information. Some people have more information others have less information. Satoshi solved the double spend problem. The genie is out of the bottle.

  19. 16:23 when he said "do you have a bcash wallet" my blood boiled, that shouldn't even be in any documentary.

  20. If you are new to crypto don’t read the comments these people are clueless in here.

  21. So…. this gal goes from helping huawei into the bitcoin “Industry” ? That’s scary.

  22. Bitcoin is there to speculate with its price and dampen the bear market in comparison with other cryptos. XRP can transfer money around the world in seconds and displays less price volatility. In both of these aspects Bitcoin sucks. Go for XRP for transnational payments.

  23. Hello everyone we have been preaching to the choir. Let us go out And comment on non crypto channels demand these influencers make a bitcoin video

  24. Who is the target audience
    for this ? elite foreign exchange
    students who can tolerate (not
    only) the multilingual jibberish,
    with tiny captions, unimpressive
    spokespeople, and the theocratic-
    anarchic tone of this sloppy mess ?

  25. Very cool doc.. but should probably cut out all the Roger Ver stuff.. as he doesnt promote bitcoin.. he promotes Bcash.

  26. Those 100 argentinian pesos the dude at 13:07 exchanged for 51.3K sats would now be worth anywhere between ~340 to ~620 argentinian pesos.

  27. Haaa, Right off the bat, we got the Jahova witnesses of bitcoin talkin bout some "You have a moment to talk about our lord and savor Bitcoin?" Dont get me wrong, I love bitcoin but dang 😂

  28. 7:20 best explanation of encryption ever. So easy a Walmart shopping trump supporter could understand it. We need more of this because right now blockchain is too complicated unless you are a computer geek

  29. My biggest problem with bitcoin is that it is a system based on ignorance. It is being sold to ignorant masses by pumpers of the system who are ignorant to it's origins and mined by people who are ignorant of the true purpose of the calculations they are performing. It is an even more convoluted system than current currency standards and as such will be mysterious to many people. This means that no one can accurately predict how bitcoin will behave. If you don't know the purpose and the origin of a currency, then you don't know it's true value. This could be the biggest wealth swindle of all history unfolding right before our very eyes.