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  1. Nice strategy I must say. I didn't earn as
    Much as this video claim but I earn about 3250USD every week and I don't do that using video

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  4. No matter the stock market crash one needs to have different portfolio, I already invested in Forex and Crypto which are really profitable

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  6. Investment are the ones stepping stones to success , investing in what create wealth

  7. a lovely practical video, I was introduced to my professional broker Mrs. Grace

    Felix sometime during the lockdown.

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  10. This report is FUD. Goldman Sachs has not produced any evidence of this so called survey.
    Goldman Sachs is probably buying behind scenes on the OTC desks and so they try to keep the price low by using FOD. Dont fall for it.

  11. In as much Bitcoin price wasn't encouraged at the moment it's Traded Stock are always Profiting despite the current price I trade Bitcoin on last Friday was a great day to remember in my life . I Completed the purchase of my second home in Memphis TN United States Regarding with the Profit I received after sales.

  12. yes indeed bithacoin platform is really an amazing platform i just received my payment of 2btc via mining through the platform they are so reliable and legit

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  14. it's funny watching news stations try to attach 2% bitcoin moves to specific pieces of news.

  15. What's volatile about crypto? Bitcoin is still up 197% since last year this time. Small correction and people freak out.

  16. Nothing like doubling down on the narrative to cover-up prior narratives that were covering up previous narratives.

  17. BTC does not need big institutions to come on board. It is doing just fine without them.

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  19. BTC is pyramid scheme according to old economy school. What will be in the future. That is a question.

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