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Bitcoin [BTC] and Alts Fall Today. Is this normal profit taking or due to F2Pool? Elon Pumps Dogecoin again.

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0:00 Intro
1:30 Bitcoin/F2 Pool
4:50 Altcoins:
5:51 Headlines
12:56 DeFi
16:12 Logan Paul NFTs
17:37 Stellar
18:43 Q&A

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  1. Great coverage. Keep it up. When do you expect Tesla or other corporations to reveal their move to crypto?

  2. 3 pm in australia a gravestone dogi candle 5/2/21 3pm australia time

  3. More dump is better to accumulate more coin, right ? let it run for next few years…

  4. What do you mean if anyone remembers LL Cool J? He has always been active

  5. I was wondering how the story line changed myself . It crazy how powerful msn is ..

  6. That F2Pool dump was perfectly timed to crash the price. After there was the surge up to close to $39K and the price then organically settled back down to 38K, that's when they dumped those 800 coins. When price action happens like that unexpectedly it changes sentiment which is why it was a bad day. I'm convinced they are trying to keep the price below $37K. Perhaps they wrote a load of $37K options that expire tomorrow. It seems obvious they are running low on ammo, so they are being patient waiting for just the right time to get max benefit from the dump. The other possible explanation is they set sell order at a certain price so when the price surges up, they end up selling a lot. It doesn't seem like that though.

  7. Elon's account was hacked.. That was not him obviously.. Look at those tweets. They were sent by the Twiiter "Web App"… Elon has never tweeted from the Web App in his life… Look at all his other tweets, they all say sent with the "iphone"

  8. I think Elon bought Doge, then realised it was junk, and is now trying to get it back up so he can get out.

  9. The high transaction cost on Ethereum is pushing people to Elron network. Low transaction fees!!!

  10. Elon gave a gift to all those stuck in Doge wanting out without as big of a loss.

  11. Cuban,musk,dalio,diamond,o leary,and half a dozen other clowns.i don't give a crap what they say or think its a turn off they pretend to be on the people's side but they're playing whale games too. thats what whales do

  12. Yeah ETH gas fees are ridiculous. Cardano is really going to take over if ETH doesn't get it's act together. It might be too long until it addresses this.

  13. Agree about how looking at prices has changed. I just told some friends yesterday the new tesla roadster (0-60 1.9sec.) coming out msrp would have cost 20 BTC 6 months ago, 6 BTC today and possibly 2 BTC by the time it releases.

  14. imagine if Elon spray paints a doge onto one of his rockets at SpaceX !! TO DA MOOOONNN!!!

  15. George I have listened to you for a long time but you are really losing me now…
    Nobody, including F2POOL deserves to be slimed for brilliantly holding so long to sell at near peak.
    You really need to explain yourself to your followers.

  16. I never hear anything about Uphold on any of these streams. Is that a good platform?