Bitcoin going MASSIVE ? – Crypto Trading Analysis & BTC Cryptocurrency Price News 2019

Bitcoin Technical Analysis Price Today
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Discover the latest technical analysis for Bitcoin. Is BTC setting up for another movement , considering the great consolidation and level of retracement from the current top ,we are looking healthy. Let’s find out more about the future probabilities in the video

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  3. 2 BIG Reasons for Price Rise

    First REASON:

    Fidelity Investment putting in $100 B soon. Price going to USD +20 k for sure. That is why all big game players all over the world are taking positions quickly.

    So do not waste time – make a decision now or you will miss at least 50-80 % return.

    Second REASON:

    Do not forget that at least 3 major ETF applications are lying with SEC of USA (Check details on CNBC site) to be decided in next 2-3 months. All knowledgeable investors know this fact that the decision will be in favor of BTC. SEC is just taking all precautionary measures before making a final decision.

    So take positions NOW or you will have just a big REGRET left with you.

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  20. Thoughts on ETH trajectory through summer?

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  22. Scrembo — Have you ever considered APL? Apollo

  23. Hi, paul Btc community could you explaining the differences between centralized and decentralized exchanges which are the top recommended , can you share wich exchange you use for buyng Btc with fiat currency and tranfer to your ledger.
    😀 cheers up ☀️ tx

  24. Came here from 🙂 Great video as always Paul! need more regular videos man!! lol

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  26. Thank amigo for the great video

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    Thanks 🤙🏻🇬🇧

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