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  1. Link to Memoirs:

    💰Voyager App Free $25 BTC Referral Code: GEOD68
    ⚠️Exclusive Crypto Content
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  2. We started a Reddit forum SATMOB to try and stop this. Come and join !! Let’s figure this out.

  3. fuck no we cannot fuck f2pool

  4. Calabresi Manfredo

    they always lie in order to divert your attention to get their way. I guess that's why the SEC is needed to regulate this behaviour especially when these manipulators can hide behind anonymous wallets

  5. Don't mess with Chung Wang, he's tough, knows a rare type of kung fu called Hamster Style. He's fast with his strikes, as he moves around like a gerbil.

  6. Probably works for ccp. I wouldnt be surprised if it was a ccp project

  7. this is the kind of information that the crypto community needs. Thanks George.

  8. Higher Calling

    Good one as always.

  9. Buy MARA stock if you want exponential growth along with your BTC gains

  10. Anybody know if chun Wang lives in China? With that much of BTC in his hand, I am afraid he will have the similar fate as Jack Ma.

  11. Intelligent Stoner

    Awesome research.


  13. Cities Sports Bar & Grill

    You da man George!💯📈🇨🇦💪🍻


  15. Short answer- F no

  16. there can only be 1 asn guy in btc.. n dats uuu

  17. Michael McGregor

    What does he care multi billionaire

  18. Michael McGregor

    F no we can’t trust him

  19. Walter Thompson

    Glad I found you George. Thanks for the info.

  20. Chico Cifrado

    The most shorted crypto is BSV, not BTC.

  21. I would trust Wang Chung.

  22. Lisa Koester

    I'm confused aS to why you would trust the CCP or wonder why it is not being discussed? Come to San Francisco, the Chinese people are lining the streets in protest of communism taking over America. You seem like a nice guy but maybe too nice or even a bit naive. I say this with love, brother.

  23. Jonathan Peters

    eggs beans and rice

  24. Fantom Token!!! 🚀🚀🚀

  25. George you are the man -the detective!
    Greetings from Germany

  26. I don't trust John Wayne

  27. Dave Middlebrook

    get the miners to move away from f2pool

  28. Love it! can you make please video on $ydoge and $Chow $akita ? amzing projects with passive income and not even listed yet on CG,CMC,CP !!!! All 50x potential. thanks

  29. Keep up the good work!!! Most are afraid to take the lead but Im sure the more people look into this the more attention will come. When this hits the main stream it will be FUD…

  30. nuke the f2pool miner….

  31. the guy deleted his tweets lol!

  32. Nick Lin English

    Take a easy, man. I believe that he is not the first one did that and he won't be the last one doing this either
    BTW, I admire your courage and your video. Very educational!

  33. Absolutely he is manipulating the market. Yes please share this far and wide. I know I will.

  34. I'm unclear how f2pool works. Does Chun Wang have control over all the coins that f2pool mines? Or do the miners in the pool share a portion of the btc mined?

  35. if every miner leave this pool and pull out their mining reward.. im sure it would make them lose alot of power!!

  36. Chris Binder

    Good work! Another whale partner selling the short?

  37. Love the channel! Subscribed and liking!

  38. Everybody Wang Chun Tonight.

  39. A reliable source is needed. 🙂

  40. They are profiting twice. Rinse and repeat.

  41. Drain the pool (swamp)

  42. Justin Cesarski

    Best thing we can do is spread the word. Get it out in public in every forum possible.

  43. It’s no where near as easy to short BTC….especially when it’s going up

  44. The USA need to go warp speed into mining BTC and become a dominant force ….as long as China continuities to have a majority in mining manipulation of the market will be a possibility

  45. He’s a con artist

  46. Starting a successful account requires a lot. Time and focus

  47. Great find with f2pool. Help CRU and become a Subscriber. One of the best U tuber

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