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Today’s Crypto News: Bitcoin [BTC] | F2pool

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  1. ⚠️Exclusive Crypto Content

    🚨 Bitcoin 101 Class Code YOUTUBE for 10% off

    🔴Get the latest CRU/George Merch

    💰Voyager App Free $25 BTC Referral Code: GEOD68

    💰Safeguard Your Bitcoin with Ledger Hardware Wallet:
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  2. having watched a whole bunch of different crypto youtubers, ive come to realise youre the only one i trust. I wont even bother watching other channels.

  3. WTF is wrong with people and thier eating baby brains conspiracies? I don't have to pay any attention these idiots no matter how rich they are.

  4. Thanks George always great content. I think Saylor’s bots are helping offset the dumps and shorts. Also yes you are/we are making a difference

  5. Remember one thing fellow WAAGers. There are entities who are longing Btc as well as entities shorting Btc. Maybe tomorrow there might be a short squeeze by the longers who want to protect their long positions as the CME futures gets closer to end of day? I have some fiat on Coinbase Pro and my finger on the buy button should there appear to be a sudden movement north.

  6. I have had a support ticket in with coinbase since December. I've resubmitted now for the third time and finally got a form reply saying, please be patient. The only problem they seem to have is any token you hold that is for any other exchange. I know everyone is going to say go to a different exchange, but being from NY coinbase had us by the short hairs.

  7. Great content.. great presenter.. always informative to hear smth new from your videos👍 Keep up the good work sir, much appreciated 👏😁

  8. Bitcoin's even harder money that gold. BTC has definite supply cap, gold does not. Munger probably doesn't even use email.

  9. George and Chico Crypto — the very best, most intelligent content in crypto.

  10. Great info George, once again, thanks for sharing. I have been missing on some good crypto news 🙂 Can you check on some Cosmos SDK projects like AKT or Kava ?

  11. These days we should be careful about money usage, if you are not spending to recover then stop spending

  12. Makes no sense to me that they'd start the dump so far in advance of the short date, if that's the motive, because btc made up most of those loses. Be prepared for a finale dump at the buzzer on Friday.

  13. Hey loose “ the we are one”, much better just saying “we are all George” lol

  14. Your crypto conspiracy theories are SOOoo FUNNY, have u ever heard about the MACD, let's imagine for a moment that the given trend of the indicator people and miners prepare to sell before BTC price starts to decline in order to take advantage of and cover production costs, hope u see this mssg

  15. FED's had a plan all along… this is all a part of the setup for a reset! They will have an excuse to bring the CBDC on board quicker… Biden had been frustrated with no way to get people who have no bank account ie/ unbanked the $$$ coming in the new stumulus package. Now they reset and COVID is the excuse combined with LOOK the FED system is unreliable and needs an upgrade…

  16. Damn scammers ETH ad leading into your video again, man this is hurting the space especially the newbies! Report them all!

  17. Miners and not making a ton of money because every time they start to really sell you make a video about it. 😀

  18. I was thinking, so we are trying to cause a short squeeze on F2Pool, but don't we need them to run the blockchain?

  19. George, we are all George, but you're the man! As much as some might like to keep your excellent analyses and detective work to a select few, you really deserve more subscribers to your down to earth and informative channel. Thank you for all your hard work.

  20. imagine gamestop (now GME) adopting crypto for their new online store. epic gamer moment

  21. "buy on the dip."
    Not everyone has money to buy on the dip. F2 pool has set the market back months.

  22. is even harder to keep wealth.

    With the current situation of the world right now I could barely save any money to achieve my goal, I remember mid last year I was so happy with how much I made from my business but now I can't find that happiness anywhere.

  23. Superb video! as well as yfdai that definitely great for long term growth. They has their own DEX which is more secure I think. It must be great for you. Go check yfdai for furthe info🚀

  24. Thanks for all your valuable information. Gaining a lot of insight from your videos and applying. Thanks!

  25. So has Tether minted any USDT since they paid their fine? Now their reserves are being scrutinised I have not seen anything on whale alert. No massive amounts being minted. Can 50k btc price level be sustained without massive amounts of usdt being minted? Btc transactions are at a lower level than 2017.

  26. Nothing goes up forever….. at some point the market will reset and correct! If you missed out dont worry this ecosystem is still at early stages! Just broaden your vision and explore different projects!