BITCOIN HOLDERS!!!! Goldman Sachs About Jump Into BITCOIN

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  1. Stay strong XRP ARMY, HODLE!!!! Keep up the strong fight, never give in, never surrender. Up to the last man standing. Victory will be ours TOMORROW!!! PROMISE!!!

  2. Chainlink is a good project but so many of their tokens are controlled by their team and that is bad

  3. You should look into Parsiq (PRQ). A different kind of oracle that has been booming.

  4. Hey dude… You need to find out about the Dixie Dollar…
    Thats what fuckt up the price.

  5. Theta (THETA) ….. when I 1st caught it, it was top 200, now its top 20. Nobody seems to be noticing.

  6. Hi George, love your videos, can you do some analysis on yearn finance if possible please

  7. I'd bet they are not anticipating the demand. Their customers are demanding it now.

  8. The jaw opened wide and faces with fingers pointed to tittle… not a good look, George. Super hokey.

  9. 12:35 Fr when BTC shoots up 20% people lose their mind and start partying but when it drops 20% they think it's a scam

  10. Yeah I think I'm almost done putting money into BTC, I can't compete with these millionaires. Gonna go after the next big thing ETH

  11. Only AELF Decentralized Cloud Computing coin partner with Amazon Azure and Google Cloud.

  12. Algorand is not just one of many. It was developed by MIT professor and it is/will be the base to rebuild the financial infrastructure of many current banks, exchanges and even CBDCs.
    Their worldwide developer network is impressive. No funny stuff like Crypto Kitties. These guys build the real finance.

  13. bad news for changpang cz binance lmfao……honestly fuck them we better be at 150k by wednesday or they are going to try and run it

  14. Thanks for your suggestions is very important for me because is my first week in crypto so I listening o lot