Bitcoin Holders – POWERFULL LESSON to Learn from GameStop's Pump

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  1. That means the majority win rather than a small group of hedge fund.That is the real free market and democracy.

  2. Dude … the GME price surge is classic manipulation by some big bag holders. Dude, the SEC will find that some manipulators bought ton of stock and then used subreddit fools to pump the price.

  3. Nice bounces off the lows for BTC. Triple bottom at the $29,500 area, which held as support on Jan 22, and twice more today, Jan 27. That is a positive sign. It means this is the floor where buyers keep coming in and holding the fort.

    Close to that, the $30,000 area saw buyers coming in 4 times: Jan 2, 4, 5 and 11. This is very positive because the more often an area holds, the more solid it becomes.

  4. We need to go for the big prize which is the central banks not some tiny hedge funds.

  5. SERIOUS QUESTION… would love as many replies as possible

    I keep adding btc like alot of yall but the million dollar question is this….


    Even if electricity is still around but only the government/top 20% of society have it… how do we buy more then.. lol I said buy because i never plan to sell unless one of my kids lives depend upon it. BUUUTTT

    I plan to sell other crypto do if we have no power unless we are IN power or no electricity AT ALL


    I am waiting for gold to drop back to about 1300 (where iI think it should be) so I am sure gold and silver will be a great item for barter (and ammo.) FIAT absolutely not.

    And lastly Elon Musk definitely has btc. Probably has the btc that everyone calls "lost". What do you think?