Bitcoin Is Getting Ready To PUMP Up To $30,000

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  1. there is no way bitcoin is going to end on 2140… russia just opened a gas powered bitcoin mine.. the world is seeing bitcoin as gold 2.0 .. plus there are more millionaires in the world then there are bit coins… this thing is going to hyper inflate past 1 million before the end of 2050 god told me/gut feeling.

  2. Banks don't want you to hold XRP! – After Regs come and they win the SEC case it should balloon to $2-$8 😀

  3. We did it George. No more $3,500. No more drinking late at night.

  4. When bitcoin hits 1 million dollars a coin your gonna remember this comment =) lol

  5. Bitcoin is gonna go higher IMO. I foresee 50k in the near future ez. Now is still time to get in.

  6. I have always wondered how come GBTC and the likes keep buying 6-7 times the amount mined per day but the price does. It go up. I think this is what is happening. The BTC is being sold over the counter for maybe 2000$ premium on the OTC market. However the funds are only settled on Friday after close of day. When these critters who sold get their hands on the money or manage to transfer the funds into the exchange. The price goes up. So it’s going to be periodic wild upwards swings here on .

  7. Buy XRP, the news is about to come out and it is a GOOD news.
    Not all is a bad news, not all will go down and stay down.

  8. “RIPPLE ARMY” about to become R.I.P ARMY… dead and buried. They bought into a pump and dump exit scam… XRP’s death IS GREAT for the community guys, it was a scam worst that Bitconnect… Ripple = Enron or Petsdotcom.
    Ripple = Fugazi

  9. whales/exchanges lost their coins at 11-12k the selling going on in october was criminal f them

  10. Cardano is going to pump to $1 minimum. All the crypto newbs will think they are getting a bargain for 99c crypto.

  11. There is one other good reason why we might consider selling some (not all) but some of our BTC. And that reason is Bitcoin's 4-year cycle. Here's the cycle:

    Halvings: 2012, 2016, 2020, next halving expected 2024.
    Peaks: 2013, 2017.

    According to the cycle, we can expect BTC to peak toward the end of 2021, like it did toward the end of 2013 and 2017. Since the 2017 peak was roughly 20-times higher than the peak of 2013, we could expect the peak of 2021 to rise 20-times higher than the peak of 2017, reaching around $400,000 by the end of 2021.

    Then, in 2022, we should expect another sharp correction, just like the corrections of 2014 and 2018. In both of those previous corrections, BTC fell some 70% to 80% off its peaks. If BTC peaks in 2021 at around $400,000 (which many suspect it will), it would likely fall down to $120,000 throughout 2022, or even to as low as $80,000. This would be another good entry point, just like the prior two corrections were.

    So one might consider selling a little at a time heading up into this peak of 2021, perhaps selling 0.01 of a BTC every $10,000 up. This means you could stretch 1 Bitcoin all the way up to $1 million in price, selling 0.01 BTC (or 1% of a coin) every $10,000 up.

    Since BTC will most likely peak at around $400,000 by the end of 2021 before falling in 2022 (as per the cycle), selling 0.01 BTC every $10,000 up would mean selling a total of just 0.4 BTC (40% of one coin), which would generate around $60,000 in cash by the time it reaches $400,000 (starting with the first sell of 0.01 BTC at $30,000 and then selling 0.01 BTC every $10,000 up from there).

    You would then take that $60,000 in cash and put all of it into BTC at the time of the next halving in mid-2024 to take advantage of its next spike into the end of 2025 as per BTC's 4-year cycle.

  12. That's a good explanation of the graph "Entity-Adjusted Realised Cap" (though it should read "Realized") at the 15:22 mark in the video.

    Notice how the influx of new money into BTC in the spring of 2017 (first green dot) happened when the BTC price was very near the price of the prior peak of 2013. Then it went parabolic.

    This time is the same, the pattern is repeating. The latest influx of new money into BTC (second green dot) happened when the BTC price was very near the price of the last peak of 2017. This means we are still at a good place for another parabolic rise like last time.

  13. The bigger picture always looks a lot nicer. And yes just 3 weeks ago, btc was sitting at 19,000. I'm super stoked.

  14. Hey. How about you make a video on Coinbase how they sceam their custumers for Bitcoin in the exchange. They say no fee, but realyty is that they manipulate the shit out of the market.

  15. Why would whales not want the price to go up? Isn't this in their interest?

  16. Bitcoin 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀 The SEC has went after countless crypto’s this year and they all usually pay a fine and continue with business, this is by far the biggest case it’ll get handled and XRP will boom, its just going to take time. If You’re in profit with XRP yeah id sell! If not I’d hold. If you don’t have a position I’d wait because this thing will most likely drop down .15. It’s that simple.

  17. Ethereum has alot of compititors. So who knows. Theta, cardano, zilliqa. I don't see any real competition for bitcoin as digital gold though.

  18. with all that said I still am willing to bet a pullback to 18k-22k before launching upward to 30k+, what do I know… nothing, I'm still just holding

  19. Isn't AUM the total value of the fund? Fund going up $2billion does not mean $2billion of new btc purchased. It also includes appreciation of btc value.

  20. XRP was in the teen-cents earlier today, not even tempted cause probably headed to less than a penny where it belongs.

  21. Dude. THANK YOU for not using INSANE OVER THE TOP idiotic facial expressions in your thumb nails. You have no idea how refreshing it is

  22. It has taken my son's entire life to go from 20k to 30k. So, yea it's been an lifetime.

  23. Grayscale didn’t buy any bitcoin over the holidays.That growth was in USD due to the BTC pump, not in actual bitcoins held. Very amateur mistake….

  24. That growth was not all just added in buying, some was price growth of coins – need to adjust your calculations for the growth in coin price and its affect on the size…

  25. XRP will go to $.01… Take a snapshot on coinmarketcap, what was is in the beginning of 2017. Whales already made crazy gains..

  26. BTC will easy 20X from here in 2021. Asian Institutions are now following the US and adding Bitcoin to there treasuries. 2021 will be a huge year for Bitcoin.