Bitcoin Is Tanking, Trump Trashes Crypto & The FBI Breaks the Code | The Daily Show

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Bitcoin is struggling in the marketplace, Elon Musk breaks up with Bitcoin on Twitter, Donald Trump comes out against the cryptocurrency, and the FBI finally figures out how to track the untraceable currency. #DailyShow #Bitcoin #Crypto

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  1. All this FUD just makes me more bullish. The more it drops the more I buy. I don’t care if the price drops all summer to me that would be ideal so I could stock up and accumulate a larger supply while the price is on sale.

    Everyone knows crypto is the future and the future is now! $ETC $BTC $ADA $ETH Cosmos Polygon / Matic look out! Here we come! 🚀🚀

  2. This guy is a f'kn idiot. Your blatant lies or complete naivety is shameful. Obviously you are just reading from a script you were given. No original thoughts. Bitcoin will free the world, and you cant stop it.

  3. 🙄 … they didn't break the private key or password.. they guessed it… which means weak password

  4. Cryptocurrency /forex trading is a big chance to make money nowadays, if you can't see that at this point is time you learn more about it

  5. Anyone who eats, sleeps, and breathes crypto knows full well that Satoshi was pist tf off that wikileaks started accepting it as payment and for donations before it was finished and why he stopped working on it and left the open source codes to the public for people to finish themselves.

    Also Bitcoin was never soley created to be untraceable. That was never a target goal of it's creation.

  6. Dude you need to learn from K-von how to do this job. And about B coin you need to watch the Epoch Times News..

  7. It's safe …they got wallet password totally different

  8. Bitcoin is untraceable it’s spent on motor boats, Vegas, diamonds, guns, the usual.

  9. So cringey when comedy writers write jokes about topics and concepts they have a tenuous grasp of. Perhaps consider consulting someone more knowledgeable before greenlighting another crypto segment.

  10. After going through so many recommendations, mine was perfectly done by Gatan4🪐com those guys are real and reliable ..

  11. After going through so many recommendations, mine was perfectly done by Gatan4🪐com those guys are real and reliable..

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  16. Love it. If China and the IRS are against it I’ll love it. Bitcoin will win in the end. Down to 31K up to 37K.

  17. What a dumb episode. Trevor, please stick to what you do best and don't spread misinformation. Bitcoin was not hacked, FBI got a hold of the keys to the wallet. Bitcoin blockchain is not untraceable, it's pseudo-anonymous. Shame on you, man.

  18. I Lol'd really hard when trump said bitcoin was a scam and that USD should be global… lol a global currency thats only value is because the US says so?

  19. I used to think you did your research for your content, but the fact that you're citing that Bitcoin transactions are untraceable makes your information no better than the material published in the New York Times. A sad day indeed.

  20. Let COVID settle down in the US and then we will need something to focus on, that's when we will see some regulations for Cryptocurrency. Not a hater, I trade crypto, but saying that the government cannot control it is ignorant… Government can simple apply Anti-money laundering laws to make cryptos like bitcoin worthless……… BUT… if UNCLE SAM can find a way to take his cut somehow properly and regulate, it will all be fine.

  21. My dear Trevor as much as I like your jokes you, (and surprisingly many other comedians who are among the smartest people on the planet) are obviously very uninformed what Bitcoin or any other of the 'cryptocurrencies' actually is. Bitcoin itself is 100 % traceable – You can watch on the Internet the movement on any address. It is anonymous – I can see any wallet but I do not know who owns it. Big difference. With a lot of work and government money and detective work you can most probably find out who the person behind any address is. That does not mean you cracked the code. All you guys in public space please, please watch TED talks about Blockchain projects and what they can do to improve the world. Many of the 'coins' are indeed plain Ponzi schemes, but some are very sophisticated, decentralized cryptographic algorithms with big development teams behind them that will change the way the financial system and the Internet works. Many have totally different function and properties as Bitcoin. The energy question for Bitcoin itself is very valid and is being addressed in multiple ways for those who are interested to listen. The environmental and social implications of the ruling petrodollar and gold mining are inherently not sustainable. BTC and company will be part of the answer for building a better world by providing easier access to financial services, easier means to document your identity and property etc etc….

  22. Considering that it's an imaginary type of monopoly money, without even a physical form, any value over pure entertainment is (in my opinion) generous.

  23. It’s not untraceable. the beauty of it is fully transparency on the network.

  24. Untraceable or traceable…I dont care …what I care the bitcoin is been use to laundry money..from any criminal activity…to me is not digital currency is a criminal currency..

  25. I call BS on this FBI cracking BTC… You can't just get a private key its impossible unless the holder GAVE it to you. Why they lie?????

  26. This is so bad and full of objectively false claims. It’s really embarrassing and has no comedic value. It’s going to make great super-cut material to make fun of this clown forever on the internet though. This dude chose the wrong side of history.