Bitcoin Mirroring Parabolic Run Up (HISTORIC Crypto Moves Imminent)

The price of Bitcoin at $55K may seem like such a scary number for Bitcoin hodlers, and in truth, things could be better. But when you take a step back and get a gander at the market trends from the past year, one can see that significant pumps may very well be on the horizon. Could the next Bitcoin run up be imminent? Worry not, as Piano Matty B breaks all of this down for you in this morning’s edition of Piano TA! He sings us through what’s going on in the crypto market with the latest Bitcoin technical analysis. Join us on a musical journey through the Bitcoin charts.

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  1. Is the cat real?

  2. Drive With Bishop

    Don't listen to these guys. The trend is your friend. If the trend is down, short. If the trend is up, long. Connect 2-3 points with a trend line and enter with the trend. So easy.

  3. Forever Gamer


  4. Very talented!!!

  5. Travis Vallance


  6. Martijn Portier

    So…is MattyB doing a concert at the blow off top?

  7. TNG Tactical Miata

    This is the ONLY thing I ever listen to at normal speed…..

  8. interesting with many useful information

  9. DanEveli Flores

    What kind of fuckery is this crap right here

  10. Jose Villanueva

    Your piano guy is premium content Id pay money for that uodate SERIOUSOY GOOD

  11. Juan Hernandez

    Yoooooooo, 🧟‍♀️🧟‍♀️🧟‍♀️

  12. Wtf is this

  13. Its hard to believe ben. 😐

  14. Michael Kielty

    Why wasn’t scaramuchi in the meet the team video?

  15. Jordan Carlse Horn

    that was dope matty

  16. Francis Farmer

    Man, so much gold in here!
    I consistently love the analogies, and injection of philosophy

    Thanks Matty B! Killin it

  17. Jack Williams

    I want so badly to live in the background of this video!

  18. can we get shirts made that say "Give or take a 100 million" please thank you

  19. Harry Reeder

    Horrible and stupid and not entertaining let alone informative…just BS

  20. Harry Reeder

    End the Matty B Show

  21. Simply brilliant

  22. Madrid Madrid

    Love that shirt MattyB

  23. Scaramoochies!

  24. Pure internet gold🤣

  25. ericsmith313

    Best chart I've ever listened to. This guy needs to do this daily!

  26. BlackDiamond

    The time is an illusion when you live in the first world.

  27. Crypto Leech

    such a smart piano XD

  28. Right on MattyB… Keep zooming out and having a great day!! 🚀🚀🚀🚀

  29. 4$ XRP in sept am I right??? such a joke


  31. I love music and crypto but I can't stand these stupid songs. I accidentally click thinking yay another video from Ben then I'm let down by actual trash. Maybe bring on a good musician for this for a change.

  32. The High Performance Dentist


  33. That was amazing.


    The Nakamoto Arena invites you to take part in a treasure hunt in which you can win real Bitcoin.

  35. CSV Security

    I feel like you talk in circles and regurgitate what’s going on in news. Your just hype for the market.

  36. Terrace Johnson

    Such an exquisite piano player….

  37. Goodnight PMB

  38. Love love love this video format

  39. zed.

  40. Ingrid Valenzuela

    As always this made my morning 😃

  41. Amazing

  42. Charles Hockensmith, II

    Wonderful & insightful as usual, thank you good sir. Love that Steven Seagal is in the double snap at the end 🤩

  43. Cliff's Creations

    I feel like if bitcoin just crashed and 20 K this would make me feel better

  44. I was driving when I left my last comment but had to just say this was great!! Really appreciate this. Made me smile!!

  45. American English With This Guy

    This is amazing!

  46. christian myhre

    Good video

  47. Filip Boroš


  48. Its not so much the Whales causing a dip but greedy short future traders destroying a good run. Only way to beat them is to buy at current dip and then to hodl. Current market over $2 trillion doubled from last year, take a guess how much it will be next year?

  49. BB you need to plug the stuff at the end, not the beginning. It makes it impossible to share these videos with people because they don't see piano mattyb. You gotta know that in my mission to hook all my friends and family up with the knowledge of the crypto, I bore them all to death and it makes them resistant. I Shared this with someone because it's different and might get there attention but they said it was just some guy talking about crypto so they didn't watch past 5 seconds.

    Hook us up bro, do the promo at the end.

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