Bitcoin Nears $26,000 and Heads Towards $30,000

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  1. 10x-100x SunContract SNC, price $0.04, MCap $5 000 000
    5x-10x chainlink LINK, Ziliqa ZIL, VeChain VET

  2. Let Indian government clarify law related to Bitcoin, if it is positive, and some laws comes into existence , then Investment from India will boost the Bitcoin, just wait and watch early next year it is expected that government will clarify it , hardly 1 percent Indians are a part of Bitcoin including me , but once the approval comes from government then just wait and watch

  3. I am a time traveller , invest in it , in 2022 31st December it will be 91000 dollars

  4. People have been saying to expect a big correction since it was the low 20,000s. lol, when is that going to happen?!

  5. Loved the comment about us being Multi millionaires soon – I think not many realize that 🙂

  6. The XRP halts are only for USA customers. There's an entire globe still "using" it. FUD will pass imo

  7. Hi there. Please upgrade your mic. It’s a little hard to understand your voice.

  8. Own 84 Tesla shares but have only 2,000 in bitcoin. Don’t know much about it.

  9. What is the best use case for Bitcoin? The definitions of what it is are all over the map.

  10. So cute u talk about your mom! Does she have btc, too? You are my favourite crypto analyst 😀

  11. Bitcoin, zil, theta godlike tier right now and xlm and xrp too much news the last couple months I dont believe it Im do or die on those 2 something aint right

  12. lol the correct word in regards to the citadel is crypto elitist's love what you said at 42min…you are correct good sir <3

  13. Bitcoin is not something you buy if you are a retail buyer. If you buy $1,000 on bitcoin and buy $1,000 on any average Alt coin. You would gain way more on the average alt coin than Bitcoin. Guaranteed!

  14. It seems that buying is going to continue simply because the amount to be mined is know. Considering that every btc is bough as soon as is minted it should be calculated how much time everybody has. Those dreams of buying low on the dip are largely gone. Of course it can be that 50k will be considered dip one day.
    I wonder what will happen when all is sold.
    Will there be interest in eth instead. I would not mind. Every day I am looking happily at my holdings growing and next day I already want more growth. Damn greed. I will not be multimillionaire though. It would have to go absolutely insane.

  15. Another great video! Your definitely one of my favorite crypto YouTubers🤙🏽🙏🏽

  16. SEC is just doing there jobs I'm sure ripple has been doing shady underhood

  17. Its moving like a heavy goods vehicle the inertia is staggering wasn't expecting this now wow

  18. I really like your content and the way you present your arguments. Only thing is that you could use a smile on your video display. I just thought your channel would more likely get clicked with a happy bullish face than a grumpy bearish one. Just my 2 cents. More power to you bro. I will definitely share your channel to my friends. Keep it up.

  19. Bitcoin reward halving supply shock accelerating down the track…..🌧…..⛷

    2012 and 2016 halvings signified the arrival of the exponential 2013 and 2017 price surges 🎄

  20. George, I understand 30k is a huge psychological barrier but I don’t think it’s as big as 10k. 10k goes from 4 digits to 5 digits.

  21. PayPal is going to get rekt because a day like today is costing them millions if they can't supply the coins that people are buying and the market moves higher above their obligations. I would not use PayPal to buy crypto. If you only want BTC then use Square's Cash App and then move it to cold storage. If you are trading alts, try using Bittrex or Binance.