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Bitcoin News: BTC’s performance in 2021 is outstanding and the best start since 2013. Despite the recent weakness, Bitcoin will most likely end up positive for March. So what’s in store for April?

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  1. George is Asian, and you know Asians are good at math. I would listen to what he says. he has never been wrong

  2. 5:08 With these numbers: If April 2017 started at $52.5k, by the end of November it would have been at over $480,000. Can't see the stats for December on the chart (but it's the same shade of yellow meaning at least 40%^)

    People need to chill and look at the big picture

  3. Thanks, Goerge, for staying cool and rational while others freak out in panic.

  4. I'm George , my dog is George my neighbors are George , we hold, we don't panic sell .

  5. is this best time to buy? or need to wait little more longer for the best price?

  6. Not only do you lose out if you sell waiting for a dip you also have to pay tax if you made a profit so it has to drop even more to cover the tax too! I think a lot of people forget that.

  7. Love your positive vibe brother! Please go back on BitBoy and calm down those buzz killers.


    …To buy BTC at such a bargain price! 🙂

  9. I have to wonder if Coinbase is holding more cash than crypto because they can't legally include the Crypto in the evaluation of their company going on the public market then they'll stock up again. I wish they would get this thing over and done. Grayscale not buying because of the threat of an ETF being approved is also not helping.

  10. Compound Coin for 0.0000001 moves drastically with such little volume great token to 1000x your money literally ticker (compcoin)
    lets get rich pump pump

  11. I’m a New George!! Your the best bro!! Great Content always keeping real!! Been watching you for the past week and decided your my go to guy!!!

  12. Damn dude. Third time, I pay $4.99 and then you leave. Smfh

    Thoughts on Curve CRV?

  13. Excellent rant about being rekt on leverage, 100% its madness, I learned the hard way.

  14. institutions and Elon didn't buy Billions into BTC without doin their homework. You really think they dumped money if they new that March would dump and correct as hard as the past…. PffTT… nope.

  15. George what are your thoughts on the Pi Cycle indicator? It's says we are close to top. Legit curious not trying to be negative.

  16. Akash is killing it. Good price right now. In since .97 and holding long term.
    I watch George even though he doesn't understand decloud.

  17. it's ok, times to their kids move. IXI was doing great job these days, even still long journey hit 1k but the innovations never ends

  18. Who took 18500 HTC within an hour this week…I would say another little company…what say you