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  1. Yes, and the 'stock to flow' Bitcoin chart shows big gains ahead. What has happened today is just 'par for the course'.

  2. That's optimistic – as long as above lowest lows? I don't think it's time to freak out but my worry is still the serious manipulation still in the market. We're guessing what this small group is going to do. When that is past, we can trust in fundamentals more. U could b right though. Bounce around 5200-5800 based on past vol

  3. Yes. Love to be at the end of a bull market and cash out. Patience my a$$

  4. Did you read the coin desk article about the CME? That isn’t normal, that’s manipulation.

  5. Bitcoin BTC/USD ends the trading week at 7,42OUSD and continues to move as part of the decline and the beginning of the development of the «Triangle» model. Moving averages indicate a bullish trend, but prices were able to break through the area between the lines, indicating pressure from sellers. At the moment, we should expect an attempt to continue the fall and test the support area near the level of 6,75OUSD. Where again we should expect a rebound and continued growth of the Bitcoin rate with a potential target above the level of 12,OOOUSD. for me i would be recommended to trade and make profit instead of just holding ,Having bought just 2BT at $8,2OO and held a little i started trading using his signals and have grown my portfolio to over 7BT. A competent guide by all ramifications is all it takes to be a profitable trader and Paulo is one of such competent hands that has made an impact on the cryptoo spaces. He can be contacted on telegram Paulophilips440 orWhatsApp+1(919)561-2988–__

  6. bitcoin: "if you cant handle my 20% drops, you dont deserve my 600% gains"

  7. These dips are a blessing when you're long. If you're crying like a bitch, you don't belong in the game. Just learn the phrase, " Do you want fries with that?"

  8. Mfs probably pulled their money to invest in Tesla stock right before the earnings call smh.

  9. At this point I am pretty sure btc will never reach an ath like 20k ever again.

  10. Amazon now excepts multiple coins—–dumps. What happened to buy the runor and sell the news?

  11. I'm thinking we'll see a drop to somewhere between $5800 – $6200, if it follows the previous pattern? Then a nice bounce should follow. I think we could possibly see LTC drop down to $35 – $40. But I've also found that's it's a lot easier to hit the highs than the lows, so we'll see. Cheers

  12. holding since summer 2017, accumulating like an idiot until this days, looking at my portfolio is lower that i invested up to early fall 2017! I'm just an idiot caring lots of bags of stupid crypto.

  13. Thanks for bringing me back down to earth. Great content and context as always!

  14. I really appreciate that you are present when something really happens in the markets. Thank you Dan !

  15. Patience is key in crypto. If you get impatient you will lose your money.

  16. Thank you Dan for the great info and updates! You do a great job.
    God Bless you Dan!