Bitcoin prices sink after FBI recovers Colonial Pipeline crypto ransom: CNBC After Hours

  • Whatsapp’s Pippa Stevens brings you the day’s top business news headlines. On today’s show, MacKenzie Sigalos breaks down bitcoin’s latest turn lower after the FBI recovered most of the ransom Colonial Pipeline paid criminal group Darkside. Plus, Jeff Cox dives into rising inflation fears as Deutsche Bank issues a grave warning.

00:00 — CNBC After Hours: June 8, 2021
0:38 — Stocks end the day mixed
1:31 — Bitcoin sinks after ransom recovery
3:31 — CNBC Soundcheck
5:34 — Inflation nation
8:47 — Numbers Round

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  1. I've tried to warn you; And they day bitcoin is safe; how about the ransom like the Colonial pipeline? The government got most of it back! If they can hack into a wallet so can others you simps!

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  5. Bitcoin is the biggest pyramid schemes the world has ever seen. Time for it to crumble.

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  10. Thats good news, as Bitcoin is nothing worth, just expensive payment neither worth the electrify nor the anonymity for criminals nor the very slow and much expensive transactions.
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