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  1. …for real estate, Aave has partnered w RealT this last sept to bring defi to r e functions…

  2. I dont think the conference will pump btc price. Thats so 2017. However, as long as big players attend and are persuaded, then we should see a longer term upward move as those corps start buying. We need to move away from all these pumps based on announcements.

  3. I know this probably isn't the best place to ask since this is a BTC centric channel but wouldn't BTC only be good until a greater currency is agreed on? Like if the US dollar had a fixed supply, BTC likely wouldn't be needed so if there's a digital currency that had a fixed supply and wasn't controlled wouldn't it take over BTC?

  4. I’m a Motley Fool subscriber of 15 years. You called it right. They are protecting their business by propagating FUD.

  5. BTC only. Just buy those dips. Keep doing it. don't sell. george is on point. ignore all FUD.

  6. Did you hear what Michael Saylor said about how Apple should make wallets into the phones! Hint watch Apple stock

  7. I agree with you on this event and what an opportunity for people to front run it, if they were only aware.

  8. watch out for SCAMMERS in these comments. I don't think George leave his number in the comments

  9. 9:41. What people are missing is that buying BTC is only their first move. They want to support the BTC space the way Google supports the web, building infrastructure and related software, which will give them behemoth returns on the level with Apple, which they will then then sweep into BTC as they go. This is why Michael is so excited, it's because for once, his company is going to be first to an emerging space, and he plans to capitalize on it, and everyone asking him if he's turning Microstrategy in a BTC ETF is completely missing the scope of his plans. Of course he's evangelizing the space, he's building up a customer base! But the beautiful thing is, not only is he going to build a megasize tech business out of this, where all his profits will then be turbo charged as he pours them into BTC, but in the process he'll be pushing BTC into the mainstream, and he's doubly motivated to do it!

  10. Heineken you serious 🙃?? The worst beer ever. It’s time you learn to drink Belgium beer 🍺! Westvleteren, Orval, Duvel, Stella… come on George you can do better 😂

  11. All we need is Amazon to except BTC and you'll see 6 digit BTC a week later if it hasnt happened already . 2021 is going to be either the best year of our lives or the most stressful/ depressive year ever lol

  12. But you told people to buy litecoin in your previous videos, I’m thinking you’ve been orange pilled recently 🤣

  13. Keep in mind it took Microstrategy about 8 weeks to get the actual purchase done. So even assuming this conference ends up winning some converts, we'll likely see no direct results until mid-April.

  14. Do you think black rock is going to pop the price like cme did in 2018 since it’s cash settled?

  15. I'm into a bunch of Alts. They can go 10-100x quicker than BTC. Just gotta know when to get out before they crash 90%.

  16. Not a big ETH holder or fan. I do wish it would do what they have been saying it will do for like 2+ months now because that would help us all. I wonder at some point if all of this ETH to $100k talk hurts us…or impedes crypto growth. ADA us big on my list…wish more energy would be focused there.

  17. you're the man bro. i learn from your information. thank you "E" from the 303…Denver Colorado

  18. Have you looked at Hedera Hashgraph (HBAR)? Looks like they have the most scalable network of all the cryptocurrencies and smart contracts.

  19. Where's George. Moon bags.

    🛑 Beware of Scammers in the replies, like this one ⬇️⬇️⬇️