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Today’s Crypto News: Bitcoin [BTC] $52,000 | Coinbase IPO | Binance [BNB]

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  1. Lol, why is everyone talking about Crop Finance?

    Found tweets about it, but still can’t understand why it is so profitable? It is true that no one has yet made new protocols for ethereum based projects to increase staking rewards with lower fees? How it can be?

  2. for as long as coinbase goes down when trades are going bonkers, they should be worth shit.

  3. I do so agree on motley fool. I kinda fell from my chair when i read their statement about their investment…

  4. @CryptosRUs , HI George: would you be able to make a video comparing these EARN platforms like @t ; @t ; Celsius; Voyager ; Swissborg ; BlockFi.
    I would imagine using BTC , ETH, or US stable coin USDC/USDT as the example, please ?

  5. Not a problem that Ethereum is inflationary ?
    At some point supply/demand reaches equilibrium. After POS/EIP-1559 Ethereum will heavily run. For now Ethereum is receiving ~ $50 million/day in downward pressure from the miners. The key is timing when Ethereum will move to POS and EIP-1559. I have to think Vitalik is prioritizing this over sharding at this point in the bull market ?

  6. Was wondering why VGX went up so much last night, but I guess it was thanks to your video 🙂

  7. since no one was talking about BNB pump, i assume its institutions who saw it way before us

  8. I am Australian and Motley Fool is a scammer. He writes for Yahoo Finance. That's why true or false, I don't believe anything on Yahoo Finance because of scammers as Motley Fool.

  9. Hi George yes I noticed that about Motley Fool bash BTC then buy it, unbelievable

  10. Binance worth more than coinbase minimum 2-3x coinbase IPO,so binance per Coin worth $1500

  11. Great content as always George 🙏 have shared the love and all positive back. Your followers will only go up ⬆️

  12. Hmmmmmm coinbase for sure will sell its stocks take loans from banks and buy more BTC

  13. I just smash purchased 1 million Satoshi… only cost me £400 think in Satoshi terms and i'll buy at any price.

  14. Love George's channel. He doesn't push it any more than he has too & he tells us the "Why's" rather than speculate on the on the charts 😉

  15. Honestly thought I’d feel more Euphoria at 68kAUD But I don’t and I’m not greedy either. I just see it’s value as a lot more long term and so do others. So I’ll be holding my 0.01 til andromeda