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  1. Thanks for this research, I've had a hunch for a while it's been miners suppressing the price, but you put the pieces together. I also like your theories regarding futures and shorts, makes sense. I've been trying to follow aggr dot trade in real time during the dumps, and you can clearly see whenever price starts pumping, price subsequently dumps on bybit and binance with $1M and $900K sells. Someone is definitely suppressing the price. Question is, when will they stop??

  2. How is FuckYouPool going to ran out of BTC if they keep buying them back???

  3. Defi projects are having new alliance rn. It called as goodfi and it aims to educate people about defi benefits

  4. Oh no, someone is trying to make money on crypto :O how dare they! someone lock them up!

  5. Dude is the crypto FBI, you saved the market bro, we are all thankful

  6. So did they buy it back? It's blockchain, it shouldn't be hard to find out.

  7. You did a great job exposing these thieves all credit to you and keep up the great job..

  8. This make sense. You notice asian time is when the selling pressure for BTC happens daily.. or on weekends. We know asia is selling and now we know who.. F2Pool mining is the cause.

  9. Traders will never understand the miners , it’s their money and they are free to sell in any time, did you know that even with bull market the mining cost is extremely high , many miners will stop mining if BTC go below 15k because the cost higher than the revenue

  10. can u show the selling pressure from miners at the peak of 2017? they obviously think the bull run is over and they wanna sell i dont see the problem did ppl think this bull market will last forever?

  11. Just subscribed to your channel. Great job with a great investigative story. . very impressive.

  12. I THINK IT RUNS DEEP! HedgeFUNDS helped FINANCE ROBINHOOD! 1 day later RHood has HUGE EVALUATION of 5.4 Billion! people need to just be EDUCATED and be able to see this

  13. Could it be not that they are selling but they are providing liquidity? buyers buying from them … which would support upward price action… just a theory, ie elon had to buy his 25k coins from somewhere…was it f2, settlement delayed. Recall he was on twitter inquiring if large transactions where possible about a week prior, his billionaire tech friend said he would help him out.

  14. Why wouldn't they play both sides? If you were in their position, wouldn't you try to maximize your gain? They may have taken a short, and sold their bags, but when they flip their position, and long btc, while they buy it up, it would have the reverse effect.

  15. Are they selling off to institutional investors? Wouldn't that be a good thing?

  16. Thank you George for all the info. You are a Hero on the Crypto Community, keep up the Outstanding work you do daily.

  17. You Rock. Newby here. I’ll be watching some of the history here. BOOM 💥 🤯. AWESOME

  18. Listen I don’t like this anymore than anyone. But they can sell or buy whatever they want. That is a free market. The way to deal with it is consider it a buying opportunity. Thanks for the data- it did seem like the market was being suppressed on purpose.

  19. I agree your point 👍
    or maybe the same time Indian BTC holders are selling off their ₿ due to recent news : India plans new law to ban btc (cryptocurrency) in India. 🤔
    What do you think?

  20. Is it possible they were just cashing out in a big way at ATH?
    It did peak before they sold 🤷‍♂️