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Crypto Capital Venture is big on tracking bitcoin market in particular. The general premise of technical analysis videos on Crypto Capital Venture is that although Bitcoin price price moves very in a very volatile way, there is much opportunity in being prepared for upside and downside. We also cover Bitcoin news on this channel as it comes out.

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  1. Crypto Capital Venture

    Bitcoin has plenty of separation from the daily 50 moving average at $9,600. Let’s see how BTC forms structure over the coming hours and days above this area!

  2. 00:59 aloo imprecionante video lo disfrute deseo el proximo éxito me despido les mando besis agradecido

  3. nicole bradley

    Bitcoin price is holding the $11,650 and $11,550 support levels against the US Dollar. BTC is currently recovering, but it must surpass the 100 hourly SMA to start a fresh surge. BTC must settle above the $12,000 pivot level to start a fresh surge in the near term. Now's the time for investors to participate in the market actively by being on guard with major news, trends which the asset may follow, and also trading so as to increase your holdings. I am currently subscribed fully to the Trade Signal services of Nathan Trueman and the result has been explosive for me because I make an average of 5 bitcoin monthly and it's been consistent like this for the past eight months, like myself I urge investors to find working strategies to increase their position and multiply the assets in their portfolio. You can reach out to Nathan on Telegram ( nathantrueman ) and Gmail ( [email protected] ) for assistance on any crypto-related inquires you have for him.

  4. Emmanuel Famuwagun

    Am so happy working with johnahacker on !g I really appreciate thanks you sir

  5. Sam MacDonald

    Hey Dan, greetings from South Aus. Could you provide some insight on how you got that $26,000 breakout target in the mid-term? Have you just used a fractal from 2016? Thanks mate

  6. Rossco’s nuts

    What’s with the scam commercial at the beginning.

  7. Sickkkkk let's go BTC!!!

  8. Damn you got tan my man

  9. Chris in FPV

    It's playing out perfectly. We needed a retrace before we broke last year's high. Now we can smash through and stay above.

  10. I just sold my car to invest in Bitcoin, I think the fact it hasn't dropped below 10k despite the recent dip Indicates that this potential bull run is different and has more strength than I expected.

    I have made my decision and I will not turn back. Remember this when Bitcoin passes 20k.

  11. Bitcoin breaks above the $10,000 in spot market. Now is the time to profit massively from the market. I was blessed to come across @neno_bryan34 on instagram , to test the waters I deposited 0.5 BTC and after 7 days I got 2.5 BTC profit. His precision and trustworthiness can’t be compromised.

  12. Ariel Guerra

    Clear, professional and reassuring. One of my main references in crypto updates now that you're back. Btw will Sarita participate anyday soon? Blessings to both.

  13. I will pray to the BTC crypto gods tonight for a green candle. In Sminem we trust. Great content 😉

  14. Michael Wong

    I think because there was so much resistance at 12k, we got rejected from the rising wedge. Then a lot of traders took profit. This is normal, we should test 12k soon again. As soon as we break this and get closer to 14k, we should see all time highs sooner than later. I see a 20k target sometime before October

  15. dreamed2 fly

    sureee "as you were recording the video you were talking about it touching 10.5k" suuuuurre mate.

  16. Brice simons

    Positive mindset has helped in my worst experiences in trading now I can proudly say I earn 80% profits


    HODLing to 20k or to my grave.

  18. BTC touched the 50% fibonacci retracement, so I won't panic if BTC still above the 50% level. I am still bullish

  19. Susan Carson

    If you are smart enough, The price fluctuations can be beneficial! Good strategy is key

  20. Harry Brandon

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    All thanks to Vic.
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  21. aliya mah'ed

    Bitcoin 🚀🚀

  22. When I consider all I've been able to accumulate from Bitcoin investments with Julian Peterson owner of pacesetters crypto currency exchange and the amount of flexibility I have achieved in my portfolio,and my trading pattern. I see reasons to ignore all these YouTube pages and continue growing investments with her.

  23. Always my first view of the day here in UK.
    Thanks for update and congrats on increased subs. 👏🇬🇧

  24. Tristan Bakker

    I think to early bull market now already maybe one more dip to 7 k dan we go

  25. Carl Thompson

    Am glad I invested in cryptocurrency when the prices was still considered a little low and with jane paul I grew my tower of cryptocurrency in some few weeks I worked with her

  26. Shayan Keramati

    what is song intro?

  27. ChaoticDestiny


  28. It is now time for altcoin to jump 🚀

  29. A bunch of good news to start the week. Bitcoin survive a huge profit taking from a whale, still over 11K and Joe Rogan promoting it. Ripple get of the hook in the court room and LINK exposed Zeus and still works with Google. In case the launch of ETH2.0 tomorrow goes as well as expected we are up for a ralley in the next days

  30. Why don't the bears switch in bullish? Would be pretty more profit for everyone.

  31. Is the handling fee lower than BITYARD? Lower transaction will costs higher profit, isn't it?

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