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Bitcoin and altcoins potentially turn bullish in recent days and we discuss the important areas to watch for bitcoin price moving forward.


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Crypto Capital Venture is big on tracking bitcoin and litecoin market in particular. The general premise of technical analysis videos on Crypto Capital Venture is that although Bitcoin price and Litecoin price move very in a very volatile way, there is much opportunity in being prepared for upside and downside. We also cover Bitcoin news on this channel as it comes out.

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  1. Key technical indicators suggests that btc is ready to return to higher levels again and even though it is still 40% away from its $14,000 high of last year, the currency is clearly in the green now. As bitcoin bulls, it will become more and more inaccessible to a lot of people especially after the halving so its smart to accumulate as much as possible right now. Trading is a good approach if the right strategy and patterns is implemented and for this, I subscribed to signals from TradeMaster, Brandon Gaston. With the high level of accuracy attributed to his signals, I now hold over 7 btc from trading, starting with just 1.4 btc within a span of just 1 month. Brandon Is a master trader and more experts should provide mediums like his to assist the younger traders. He can be reached on Telegram @Bgaston and WhatsApp +1301 276 0480 for inquiries into his trading system

  2. Yes sir , I'm on my way to get a car for my wife, I saw it is 0.9BTC good jobs Sir, talk to Joe if you need help on WhatsApp +13365672854

  3. I noticed ETH quite a few weeks ago myself at the $129-130 price. I also had that gut feeling telling me to at least buy a couple ETH. It could easily go back to its $1500+ all time highs and hopefully 10x from there during the bull run. Gain a possible $30k ($13-15k per ETH) off a $300ish investment? I'll take that risk.

  4. Crypto Capital Venture I have listened to many TA's and not many tell the truth about the chart(s) and tend to be bias in their analysis.I respect you so much and know when I have heard the truth about these cryptos bro.Seriously.

  5. You picked the worst time to buy other alts. Should have just bought more LTC

  6. If you don't like or dislike this video, you have no business even watching this free content. At least give feedback

  7. Thanks for your dedication and great content! Wishing your channel more success and many more subscribers this year! I can't wait to continue this crypto ride this upcoming decade. In December 2029, we'll look back and won't be able to believe that btc was only 8k!

  8. I’m in the same mindset as you. BCH has been running 2-4% more each time Bitcoin runs.

  9. Hmm so I guess in theory it could go much higher before it retest the 50 DMA. For instance, it finds resistance at $10500 then retraces to the 50 DMA at $9500. Just a thought. Good stuff Dan. Certainly makes me think.

  10. Bitcoin and Litecoin reward halving ‘supply shock’ coming down the track…⛷

    Last ‘round of halvings’ signaled the beginnings of the 2015 – 2017 price surge!

  11. Weird that you need clickbait. Seems unfair given the fact that create nice and fair content whereas others dont…

    Following the channel for over a year now and your one of the few..


  12. weak od the candler and close or shit they are one of the mnost important the weak is important for the price to go higher the drawing you have is wrong and for downside if itrs sell the tail is important dont tell wrong things to people pleaseeeee we didnt see any support on that outside that range if it passes and hold then its bullish

  13. Look at shorts (BTCUSDSHORTS). These extreme candles – this is is not retail buying – the exchange/whales are going crazy buying BTC shorts at the moment for some reason…

  14. what will happen When all the btcs have been mined? There are only 2million left

  15. Nice job dan… like like both sides of the coin.. you gave always been legit.. keep it up..

  16. No affiliate links here! Hit that LIKE & SUBSCRIBE if you got any value from this video, and thanks for coming by!