BITCOIN TAKES OFF – Will Other Cryptos Follow?

Support the stream: Bitcoin broke through $8,000 today, May 13th 2019. There is euphoria in the air and many btc and crypto enthusiasts are wondering if the bullish gains continue. In this quick live stream, we discuss whether or not the alt coins will continue to follow Bitcoins price trail. We take a brief look at Litecoin, ethereum, xrp, digibyte, and cardano.


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Litecoin price makes another strong move ahead of Bitcoin. In this technical analysis video, we talk about LTC and what we may see next for LTC price.

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Crypto Capital Venture is big on Litecoin, but also covers other cryptocurrency news besides just LTC. The crypto market is on the rise and with it is a growing demand for information on the cryptocurrency markets.


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  1. If people starts to pump altcoins with their btc's, it dooms btc AND the alts. If that happens, we will be straight back to the start of 2018. Going into altcoins right now is one of the worst tactic and can only come from someone in despair who wanna get rich quick or someone who is too weighted in alts.

  2. Why are you looking at the alts in USD value should be BTC value most alts are down way down

  3. It feels like after the December low all the altcoins had their nice hard runs now it's Bitcoins turn we already had alt season

  4. 8228 a new higher high.. Does TA even work any more when everybody is so greedy?

  5. Litecoin is 1/5 of bitcoin ?? What do you guys think, and if so, bitcoin at 100k is a 20k Litecoin

  6. right, so we're just going to assume that $7.150 is the new support? we = the exchanges that forced this thing and want us to think that

    no, of course not … at best $4.2k is the support

    wait until 1 whale decides to dump 10k bitcoins … it going to be a mad rush to sell first

  7. So… What happens after all the bitcoins are mined? I don't understand this part. Would that be a good thing?

  8. accumulate enough litecoin for the halving year… sell half at all time highs for bitcoin. hold your btc thru the halving for all time highs and sell half… (my technique) when dips come later gobble up what you can… rinse and repeat for the 2023 ltc and 2024 btc halving… time goes fast.. i been doing this for awhile…
    note: at one point you will find that the Ratio changes in your favor to trade Litecoin for Bitcoin and back again later…
    make your money Smart