Bitcoin Technical Analysis (BTC/USD) : Want More Action Trading Bitcoin..? [10.18.2019]

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  1. has sam spoken about Renko in other videos? It seems like the first time Im seeing it but he's talking like its not….

  2. Craft Costanza

    Thanks for the update Sam. What happened to the FX videos these days?

  3. Ahmed Eleshmawi

    Hello Guys
    please can any one share the indicator for MACD and NPV used for this strategy and the setting for these too.

  4. Athan Thompson

    Thanks Sam

  5. Kyle Van Zon

    What’s the name of the Macd and obv used here on the renko chart?

  6. can someone tell me what that OBV indicator is?

  7. TradeSafari Social

    Amazing stuff !

  8. joaooliveira12

    Guys, anyone knows what EMA's he is using there for the crossover?

  9. Great video Sam , I love that you spoke about Renko chart. Sooo underrated / unknown by most. Thanks for all your great content !

  10. Thank you Sam! Missing your other videos though! 🙁

  11. 👍👍

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