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Today’s News: Tesla Buys Bitcoin [BTC]. What’s Next for Elon Musk and Crypto?

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  1. Dropping now like a rock maybe it hits zero. You think he wants others to have money? You don't become a billionaire with a kind heart.
    Let them have it all, it wont help in the end.

  2. Mainstream news is nothing but FUD! Anyone still watching mainstream news is under mass mind control.

  3. CNBC can kiss our ass this is our game now! Imagine this guy using Uniswap?, Or explaining it for that matter. "Something fishy going on here, the average American in crypto has too much financial freedom"

  4. No Indy needs to put „a stop“ for miners selling. They help the market to grow. It’s necessary that someone sells, right?!

  5. Peter Schiff please call Elon and get his playboy on buying Bit coin you won't regret it.

  6. The MSM. All negativity, all of the time. Didn't we see that all of last year? For the last five years? They are all such pro big government fascist hacks. It's no wonder that their corporate overlords are in favor of massive shutdowns. Party poopers extraordinare.

  7. Ah I better move on with Dogecoin because I missed the change to get it when it was $5000 (I was broke at that time 😳).
    Hope doge go to $1. That would be dream come true 🙏🏽

  8. the DOLLAR is trash those clowns want to keep people in FEAR . GET OUT OF THE DOLLAR

  9. I'm stoked to retire this year after 40 years of software development. Woot! 😎 Thanks Elon

  10. DUUUUDE the CNBC talking heads are sooooooo lost in the sauce. How do these people have jobs, let alone, even allowed to open their mouths about this stuff? Bunch of clowns and jesters at these MSM stations 👽

  11. Here is something to think about… We know BTC will hit $200,000 before the end of this year, as per many interviews with many people.

    So, that means BTC needs to climb another $150,000 within the next 10 months. That means it will average $15,000 per month, or nearly $4,000 a week for the rest of the year… EVEN MORE if it reaches $200,000 BEFORE the end of this year.

    So get ready for more multi-thousand dollar pumps, on average one per week! Enjoy!