Bitcoin + Tesla | Michael Saylor CONFIRMED His Conversation with Elon Musk

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  1. Medusa Skull

    BTC is an experiment. Block chain ledger cryptography is the technology. Don't be confused between what actually is the science and what is just an experiment. Experiment will end up to either be success or failure. The actual technology get the benefit of both, not the experiment. Stupid people don't know the difference. They will buy b/c early adopters told them to.

  2. I would not be surprised, that is was tesla/elon buying over xmas and now into jan. apple soon to follow in march.

  3. Crypto Future

    Saylor ADMITTED LIVE on air, that, so far, his company has made $500 million just this year by investing in Bitcoin. This, along with the heavy interest from other Wall Street firms, completely tears apart the still-prevalent mainstream narrative that Bitcoin is a scam and is used by no one but criminals and nefarious people. So, either the anchorwoman, herself, or whoever was in that microphone in her ear quickly decided that he should be asked about alleged "securities violations" whether they exist or not, in order to give that false narratives some legs as far as THIS conversation went. Merely asking this question out loud will turn off many "average" viewers of that CNBC show to Bitcoin, no matter what Saylor's response is. Because it's all about the PRESUMPTION of guilt that the media works off of to satisfy their Dollar-loving masters.



  5. Justin Wiseman

    He was smiling too like really positive vibe I get. Micheal Saylor is the starting of this snowball that we will see.

  6. Love your content, George. Great time to be a Bitcoiner.

  7. You guys and those millionaires are doing so much bitcoin hype and propaganda that is looking like a SCAM right now.

  8. Fake news… he never said that he spoke to Elon… it was just a twitter exchange and Elon did not even reply to Michael Saylor message…instead Elon tweeted praise about Dogecoin…which meant Bitcoin and Dogecoin are same to him..


    Merry Christmas George

  10. Yea, that last question was uncalled-for.

  11. Don't be a noob. He didn't have follow up conversation with Elon.

  12. Higher Calling

    Another fraudulent reporter. Dealth to the media
    Excited 😊

  13. WatchTheSuit


  14. Nino Guarisco

    Michael Saylar is absolutely the right man for this stage in the growth of Bitcoin. Everytime I hear him speak, I simply smile in awe. Wow.

  15. I'm still confused about Elon's follow-up tweet about btc basically being as bs as fiat. It's really hard to tell what is trolling vs. serious when it is just text. No emoji, no gif/meme. Thoughts on that? Trolling or not, I'm sure he will come around, but he seems to like to throw confusion around on twitter, perhaps just for fun. XD

  16. Saylor should be Mayor. Of the 🌍

  17. 0:31 There was no need to use the word 'probably' :p

  18. DOGE will be your Christmas gift this season… DO IT;)

  19. QuantumMan12

    Michael seems like a quintessential con man. I think bitcoin has massive upside in its future, but he talks in a way where he’s trying to convince companies to get on board so that it makes the meteoric rise a reality and not in a way that he wants other companies to get on board for the ride

  20. Michael A. Rodriguez

    Great segment

  21. Love to see Tesla get into Bitcoin field.

  22. Herbie Dualle


  23. Bobbie Dillon

    Fake news gonna fake

  24. Lucas London

    He didn’t confirm shit. That was a full-on avoiding the question answer.

  25. Wow that was a crazy question at the end. I think her questioning is to put doubt in people’s minds concerning security and Bitcoin. It’s like one of those things when people talk and are hesitant on Bitcoin:
    “Heard of Saylor? He made so much money”
    “Didn’t he have a security investigation run against him?”

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