In the first episode of DCA, we will talk about what we think will happen with Bitcoin this week. Also, recap last week and discuss other various topics.

Digital Asset News (Rob):
InvestAnswers (James):

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0:00 Intro
1:33 Take Away From Last Week
9:50 Ethereum Holdings
19:10 Thoughts on Solana
24:19 Thoughts on Voyager
30:05 Bitcoin This Week
42:26 Thoughts on Shiba
44:00 Plans for Profit Taking
55:39 Do You Hold Gold
57:50 YouTube Banning Crypto Channels
1:08 Closing Thoughts

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  2. Get off their air lol

  3. This show is so much relaxing to watch! Compared to ahem ahem bitdramaboy 😂🤣

  4. Jerry Diemart

    Dang, my new favooorite show!!!!!Yes ……..No BS here!!!

  5. You've got to be all kinds of stupid to send your crypto to someone who promises to send you more back in return.

  6. Boggs Mabilog

    Great to see my three faves 🤓🍻⚡

  7. Do it without Rob. He does not seem to fit in there.

  8. A new "must watch" in the crypto space

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  12. … and I thought watching these guys separately was good.

    Insanely good episode guys. I'll be watching this every week.

  13. Jason Knepley

    Bans are communist. I'm very concerned. Censorship is bullshit. Can't mention the virus? Seriously? What in the world is this coming ti?

  14. Well done! Looking forward to more of these 🙌🏼

  15. I know all have a retire plan, but has you think about global warming and the prediction of the end of world by 2050, has you considered that year on your plans like for retire before and live life free. For the next episode ! I’m really worried

  16. Jason Knepley

    Invaluable insights. Much appreciated!!

  17. Jason Knepley

    My three most favorite advice guys! FREAKING AWESOME!

  18. Kyeol Williams

    Wow i didn't know that basketball card could grow value that fast. I won't complain about cruptopunks selling for millions.

  19. tubeyourself

    Please talk about THORChain its been on an absolute tear right now. Even as the market was down today.

  20. 3 👑’s

  21. If that James dude can compare Cardano to XRP then its ok for me to compare Solana to EOS because thats where its heading.

  22. @Cryptosrus – a great topic to address in a next show indeed woud be re-hypothecation of loan collaterals by crypto lenders. This is a question Alex from Celsius deflected few times by calling it coindesk fud, and narrowing his answer to NY residents. I think the question would be how many times/cycles on average does these comanies re-hypothecate the same pledged collateral, versus what at typical US bank is allowed to do? If different, how would their profitabity (i.e. yield rates) be impacted in case reguators forced them to align? Are there any differences in practice between their US and Non-US customers? Thx! T

  23. Carlos Barron

    but how do you really feel about Cardano James?

  24. Select Models

    You should have included my son Devin in your DCA… he has ALL the answers you guys don't… he's a 'crypto prodegy'.

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    George and Rob are your typical trash youtubers. Don't add any value.

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    Great conversation!

  32. George needs a lot of practice driving conversation with other youtubers. Keep up the good work.

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  34. Great chat everyone. Loved it! This could gain a lot of listeners over time.

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