Bitcoin to $90k? (SHOCKING Truth About the Future of Crypto)

In this video, I give you the top crypto news stories of the day in less than 3 minutes. Where is Bitcoin going? Have we found support levels at $60K and are we on our way to $90K? That’s what some Bitcoin traders think. We received some bad news as the Van Eck spot Bitcoin ETF was rejected. Finally, Coinbase is adding a feature allowing them to share their crypto portfolio with their friends. Is this going to be a game-changer?

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  1. Tool

  2. Jaspal Singh

    In New Zealand it hit 97k+

  3. Justin Boenisch

    are you going to let us know when they let it go up and when they are going to flash crash it so we can actually trade it to make some real money in this run ? we all know it’s controlled .

  4. ceffrey jastillo

    is it true that the drinks you get at the gas station in vegas also contain thc lol

  5. Vegas really is a mega city

  6. Damn thats really good, number 30. 👌👌👌👌

  7. Good luck, Bitboy!

  8. bitboy is a scam!

  9. Shad Higgins

    I guarantee you'll lose. 100% positive

  10. Victor Tavarez

    Best wishes

  11. Manish Bhatnagar

    Catgirl is challenging the dog coins and does more

  12. Congratulations on the tournament! Keep it going!

  13. Android phones currently don't allow screenshots of any financial apps. It's a good feature, keeps you safe from yourself.

  14. Les Grossman

    Are you satisfied with the thumbnails used for these videos? Facial expressions remind me of my cheerleading days

  15. Ben "every thumbnail says Put it in my Mouth" Armstrong

  16. SOLO +40%

  17. Edgar Tigranyan

    what you think about sol?

  18. Henry Tejeda


  19. sean flatley

    Saitamask launch party is going on at MGM tonight!!

  20. Jeramy Montelius

    Ben is my only crypto buddy

  21. Terrace Johnson

    You got this bro!

  22. Go win that Tournament!!

  23. Talk about Money Man, he’s a rapper and he rides on the beat talking about crypto

  24. Crypto Rancher

    Get it Ben! Final Table BABY!!!

  25. Didnt even mention taproot🤣 what is this “news” channel? Just wondering

  26. Sorry Ben we're gonna top in the 70's then crash again.

  27. This is the same man that said ADA would Explode this week 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  28. King of XRP doesn’t even know about sologenics. Lmao

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