Bitcoin Trading Strategy | 10X Your Bitcoin Using This Fibonacci Trading Strategy (And alt-coins)

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Bitcoin Trading Strategy based on Fibonacci levels. In todays video I will show you a Bitcoin trading strategy which you can use as an inspiration for your own trading strategy. The Bitcoin trading strategy is based on Fibonacci levels and can be used as an hedge for your portfolio as well. If you want to get a better understanding of the crypto currency markets and learn how to develop your own profitable crypto trading strategy then you can sign up for my Cryptocurrency trading course at

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This trading course will teach you everything you need to know about trading Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies. You will learn how to create your own trading strategy on the basis of real proven models of profitable trading strategies. I highly recommend everybody to invest in themselves and to stimulate your growth as a trader and investor.

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The content of this video is not financial advice. You should not make any investments based on this video. I am not liable for any losses you may incur when trading crypto, always do your own research.

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    Codes for Discounts:
    Blockchain25 for 25% discount on fees
    50Blockchain for 50% deposit boost up to 1BTC

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  10. Hello Jeroen, thanks for your valuable info! Great! I follow your videos daily as well as your Twitter messages! I'm thinking more about opening a long position though. What do you think until where the correction could go? Can this be calculated / calculated with the help of Fibonacci? Where would you think it makes sense to open a long position? Many thanks & best regards

  11. Arizona Steve

    Nice short, very well done!

  12. Teresa de Grosbois

    Awesome hedging strategy! Thanks Jeroen.

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    Good video

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