Bitcoin Worth $500,000 According to Cathie Wood of Ark Invest

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  1. 🔴Subscribe For More Bitcoin News ⚠️Exclusive Crypto Content 🚨 Bitcoin 101 Class Code YOUTUBE for 10% off 💰 Buy Bitcoin on Gemini: & Binance.US: 💰Safeguard Your Bitcoin with Ledger Hardware Wallet:

  2. Steven Mallory

    Glad to hear, from your recent videos, that you’ve stopped the naff repetitive music that so many of you YouTubers think is necessary in order for a human being to assimilate information. I just switch the video off. So thank you, George, for finally getting a grip and just speaking to another human being as they would expect to be talked to. When you are having a conversation with someone, they don’t play music to you so you can understand what the hell they’re saying….

  3. Can't Beat The BAY!

    Should I buy my first coin — or wait for a dip, and hope I don't miss it? Planning to hold it for years. Does it really matter when I get in?

  4. Dragon Warrior

    Bitcoin is worth 10 million per coin.
    ——–Hal Finney(co-creator of bitcoin)
    They cannot stop an Idea.

  5. So many dogs…. LOL

  6. Asma Travels

    I think shes an extremely smart woman who knows what shes doing!! i aspire to be like her. i think shes right!

  7. Nothing but pumping. If all the smart money is just planning on holding Bitcoin and never spending it, what is its real value? I understand why it's going up now, but why should it reach these astronomical predictions if it is treated like a bar of gold? Furthermore, what happens when countries ban it entirely? Maybe that'll make it more expensive, I don't know. Just seems frothy.

  8. Davon Thompson

    If everyone stop saying FOMO they will FOMO 🤣😂

  9. Crypto Insight

    I wanna pet the rabbits George

  10. STF $100k
    STFX $288K
    Guggenheim $400k
    ARK white paper $500k

  11. Abolish The IRS

    Really like your content and the format and how you cover good relevant news without too much fluff. Keep up the good work George.

  12. Chris Martinez


  13. Googleheim? You mean Guggenheim?

  14. Shinobi Tekken

    When the funds allocated 1-5% to real estate in their portfolios, the internet didn't exist and neither the financial crisis/QE we have now. BTC 5% fund allocation will happen a lot faster and it will be more of a global event.

  15. Rafael Schulz

    I agree

  16. Goran Salopek

    buy SNC SunContract

  17. Jerome Powell is like "hold my beer" when she said bitcoin wont go to $400k for a couple years

  18. swedishmanguy

    She is wrong it will go up a lot faster a lot sooner than she is calculating

  19. Skybridge Capital, MassMutual, Shopify, PayPal, Spedn, NCR, Alzashop, Litecoin visa card and much more ..🌧..🛷

    The future for Bitcoin and Łitecoin is looking more bullish every day.🎄

  20. she thinks during the next decade, not 2021

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