Bitcoin is off to the best start since 2013 and more is to come! Big Announcement: Georgecoin is here!

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  1. Rocky Al hamzah

    nice info dude, do you know Whitelist registration for the DEFIT public sale is now closed



  4. Is this an Aprils fools joke too cause I'm still trying to pull my money out of Litecoin 🤣🤣🤣

  5. LBRY didnt have an ICO, its obviously government trying to create a monopoly for its ally in censorship Youtube.

  6. Everyone should just give safestar a look and realise the actual potential. The devs are seriously dedicated to pushing this project in the right direction, no bullshit no false promises they are always there to answer any queries and the community has held strong through all the fud that's came with being amongst the "safe" coins. Trust me when I say we are only getting started.

  7. Your worst thumbnail yet lol

  8. Sidomuncul Products


  9. OMI 6 month bull run and file coin til end of may up to $3000 will be a long bull run if BTC hits 80,000 by mid may

  10. Just bought some! I support you!

  11. Wandering Soul

    George coin will hit 50K by end of april

  12. ThatGuyScott

    Real Gold would be 34k an oz if they didnt have it rigged. one day they won't be able to

  13. Onyibo Emmanuel

    George is a definition of an honest man, more energy we are addicted sir.

  14. @CryptosRus could you cover OMG Network they've been announcing a few things and well tbh I'm too new to understand if this is a big deal or just fluff, I've checked elsewhere but all I get is "moon moon moon" which isn't really an answer to anything

  15. Yes let’s do Vegas thanks G😎👍🏽

  16. Did George just fruedian slip, Golden Sacks, for Goldman Sachs?

  17. Core Division Co.

    It’s like playing craps with these coins

  18. If you want to join a low cap coin or you just love money look up bolt

  19. they have been suppressing bitcoin's price to below 60k. they don't want it to go up. it's been weeks and weeks. fucking whales.

  20. 20:00 VXV uses Natural language processing ai to provide alpha to hedge funds. Definitely worth looking into to!

  21. George wish I could buy your token on Fyooz $FYZ 😭

  22. Wasim Jahangir

    Buy the dips smoke the highs🔥

  23. George you are the one 😁
    Wanted to take part and contribute but sadly it's on ethereum and has no current solutions for the gas prices implemented. Would surely get in if you could help them find one or perhaps enable a different and cheaper chain such as bsc solana atom etc.

  24. Abdou Farhati

    You will know what VXV do after the S&P global PR…

  25. John Dalzell

    I now own 2 George Coins! Yea

  26. Crypto Fugazi

    Well worth watching these long vids with no chapters or time lines at 1.75x really helps save time and doesn’t impact the content delivery in the slightest 😀

  27. Shout out CryptosRus and all the George's out there. The only crytpo channel we need. 💯

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