Bithumb Hacked, EOS Frozen Accounts, Singer Akon Launches Akoin – Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency news – singer Akon launching his own cryptocurrency, EOS block producers freese accounts going against constitution, Bithumb hacked, Bitlicenses for everyone and so much more!



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  1. George Cerlote

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  2. Pierre Jean Jouve

    Thank you Lark

  3. patrickplastix

    Love your coverage of smaller markets and countries, an admirable pan-global perspective, not western centric – Nice! great work

  4. So informative and to the point …impossible to cover everything but you do an amazing job in nice brief report. thanks 🙂 …would be interested to hear your views on buying in the dip…using existing btc gains (reshuffle portfolio) or just simply bringing in new fiat ..the confusion created by tracking our portfolios in dollars rather than BTC…

  5. Carlos Fernandez

    what is a blockchain accelerator?

  6. Love the intro man! Nice mini-track.

  7. I like how you pronounce Bit – Humb =)

  8. check Docademic / MTC! 🙂 free medical healtcare

  9. Hi Lark..I posted a message regarding copyright changes in the EU on your channel around 3 weeks ago. Here's the link again Major changes getting made.

  10. Akon sounds like a con…

  11. That Crypto Money Flow chart is pretty cool, I added it to my fav 🙂

  12. Gabriel Rodriguez

    nice intro

  13. 🌮🌮🌮🌮

  14. Luigi Bigtime

    Didn’t a blackout day stop net neutrality once??? Shut her down again…fight back for the free interwebs

  15. jason layman

    Screw censorship

  16. Another hack on bithumb oh brother!!!!

  17. When Bithumb on ELA? This constant hacking and incompency of exchanges is getting redicolous.

  18. @cryptolark someone is pretending to be you on telegraph

  19. check to see accurate prices

  20. Thanks for the info
    Your killing it Bro

  21. Call the Tether to EOS what it is, these folks need to know.

  22. " Reality is more fun than the stuff we make up." So true, e.g. Trump administration.

  23. Usdt is own bitfinex, eos works with bitfinex, eos pumps there own coin… see where this going lol

  24. Robert Sunderland

    Love your channel, only found it a few days ago. .,…. Is there more to you cartoon at the start ,? i always feel left on a cliff hanger…

  25. London B Reel

    The brave browser model is interesting. Look into thats next level in the same category

  26. You are gifted. Your flow is undisturbed. Not to say you can't improve but I like to focus on the positives 👍

  27. How have you not picked up on the Skycoin story yet? lol drama, minus all the FUD it seems to be a great coin 🔥🔥

  28. Akon is actually a really good guy. Bringing solar power to Africa is where he's been latley.

  29. Kaeden Truong

    Maybe next week we’ll see every exchange get hacked!!

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