Bodycam footage raises more questions about missing woman

CNN has obtained the bodycam footage from the Moab Police Department that shows Gabby Petito and her boyfriend Brian Laundrie after they were pulled over by police last month. CNN’s Athena Jones reports.

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  1. Considering the amount of tax dollars being spent to find her dead or alive.. I'm sure they traced his steps for the first 10 days that she wasn't reported missing so if they can't find her this way.. he did something really horrible to her

  2. Instagram is fake.

  3. Statistically, sure, it's likely he had something to do with her disappearance, or at least knows where he last saw her.

    But let's say he saw her commit suicide by jumping off a cliff, with just the two of them present. His lawyer is correct to tell him to not say a word, because it will get pinned on him as a murder, as it always does. No matter what actually happens, even in a domestic violence situation initiated by the woman, or in a mental health meltdown of the woman, BLAME THE MAN is everyone's attitude, from cops to prosecutors to media to the general public to juries. You can multiply that by 100x if she's young, white, and pretty.

    Just go through all the comments here, and count up all the "She's so beautiful, he definitely killed her" comments. As if a boyfriend has a big motive to kill a pretty girlfriend after probably putting in some time and effort to find one who wants him.

    He'd get blamed if he stayed at the scene of her suicide and called the cops. He'd get blamed if he drove to the cops without her body. He'd get blamed if he drove to a hospital with her body. He'd get blamed for murder suicide if he was so distraught he jumped after she did. He'd get blamed if she told him to stop the van, she wanted to get out. He'd get blamed if she jumped when he stopped at a scenic viewpoint or stopped to take a pee. He'd get blamed if he went to sleep with her and woke up the next morning with her gone.

    He's in a real jam if he did it. But he's in an even worse jam if he didn't.

    In a sense, they're both to blame if they didn't take police involvement as a clue to just walk away from each other permanently right then and there. Maybe she snapped and did something crazy which triggered him to snap too. Everyone will be quick to forgive a pretty dead girl for snapping even if unprovoked, yet they'll never forgive a shady-seeming guy for snapping even if severely provoked.

    Guys, take this as a lesson to not stay with a woman with mental health issues or who is violent toward you, even if she is easy to fend off and eventually always calms down. Even if the evidence shows that she is the unstable one, you're the one spending your life in jail if she does something crazy when there are no other witnesses around. Especially if she's pretty.

  4. Cherokee Girl

    Scott Peterson 2.0

  5. Sabina Hadzipasic Besic

    He looks like he is laughing when police pulled them over. Laughing while she is crying.

  6. Almaz Semere

    If this was a person of color… the investigation would look different for sure

  7. Thomas Horan

    My sister lied on me and I was arrested this dude argues with the woman she's missing and they won't arrest him. He must be a white male.

  8. for all we know this can be some kind of Publicity stunt of sorts.. Gabby in some photos reminds me of Melissa Benoist yeah the one that currently Plays SuperGirl… from the looks of things its possible what were seeing is a pair of actors here playing games with the cops.. wonder if they gave her this first time of Gabrielle as the character that played on Xena in the late 1990s

  9. Nobodyknowsme H

    So where is her phone at?

  10. He did it it's obviously big red flag 💁🏿‍♂️

  11. Poor girl. I hope they find her safe and sound soon.

  12. He definitely killed her. A lot of these sickos have a bald head with a receding hairline at the same time.

  13. Deb De cassia

    Don't text each other? I thought he didn't have a phone.

  14. agus hobiotomotif

    Has he been apprehanded ?

  15. Welp, guess he’s suspect #1. I hope she’s somehow alright.


    man there is no way i could barely come out my house much less cross country like that at that age pleasw

  17. Has CNN ever done this for a missing BG???

  18. She will be found

  19. There is a possibility they fought and she walked away. Got in car with stranger. How many times couples fight in car and women wants out. 50/50 he didnt murder her but stranger has her. When I was driving to Florida my Ex Wife, then wife started to argue over stupid crap. She wanted out on highway so I let her. Had no choice. But I filmed her.

  20. why is this a national story?

  21. her boyfriend looks very guilty by being silent , came back without reporting missing sound strange

  22. Kinda strange to name a town Moab. The kingdom of Moab, born of incest, was cursed by Gawd for all sorts of inhospitable behavior, in the bible. Do better, town elders! 🤣

  23. why did you not press initial charges against the guy already?? justice and police in USA really sucks.

  24. Alex Miranda

    My thoughts: His parents are attempting to cover up the fact they had no knowledge he would leave, and also by filling a missings persons report to try to convince us he is endanger….. more like now we are. . That way his family doesn't get charged, and/or lose anything financially. They have a good lawyer, but the truth will eventually catch up. Again, giving him a head start while knowing his game plan to flee and how/when to contact him.

  25. Timmy Doughavin

    Oh houses with cathedral ceiling up in the attic you need to go up into them to search, my master bathroom sits behind a cathedral ceiling master bedroom that hides the entire space above it in the attic. 2 yrs of cold master bedroom and bathroom because even the insulators missed an entire room blowing in insulation.

  26. G1Transformed

    That's some privilege he's got there. She's been missing for 10 days, concerns have been raised, he's free to go as he pleases and the police DO NOT know where he is? Crazy!

  27. patrick welch

    Let me in a room with him for 5 mins. I’ll find out what he knows! As a father of 2 daughters I would have him talking!

  28. How those families have not beaten down the door where that guy lives is beyond me..

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